The official version of the WeChat website development tools chimes is a what thing

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Tencent recently exposed the "wind chimes" very suction eye, after all this is the first official Tencent WeChat development tools, but this product in the end is what? According to Sohu IT, originally Tencent Campanula network media business group (OMG) for advertisers to do the sales service, the main selling point is based on WeChat’s website. Interestingly, the system development is completed, the Tencent found from large advertisers to small Taobao sellers, we have a strong demand on the WeChat website, resulting in the wind chimes as a technical tool and sell the idea.

1 was sold to the advertising scheme Campanula customers. According to Guan Peng revealed that the Department of interactive advertising by the Tencent OMG department to give Campanula research, development Tencent and local website as a sales service realization. The core point is to help the bell enterprise construction site in WeChat, said Tencent interactive advertising department, WeChat 5 weakening push, more to enterprise customers through the construction of "micro site" in the form of push service.

The function design of

wind chimes is mainly to meet the needs of the development of advertisers, "Campanula micro site" development has 16 functions, mainly divided into four categories:

information push. Features include graphics, video, greeting, to meet the needs of the enterprise information exposure.

online service. Features include message, customer service, to meet customer service needs.

interaction. Features include LBS, registration, investigation, social, etc., to meet the interactive needs of enterprises.

sales. Features include redemption, coupons, membership cards, etc., to meet the needs of business sales.

, a WeChat developer said, if the system can design the same as Campanula developed, including China Merchants Bank, China Southern Airlines, these large enterprises, have abandoned their tools without WeChat, this set of tools to use OMG.

2 bells is aimed at the WeChat technology development market. Campanula present customers though mainly automobiles, real estate and financial industry gold master, but chimes aiming is in fact the entire WeChat technology development market, Sohu IT had previously reported, WeChat technology development and operation market potential, many start-ups a year from Denver million yuan.

targeting this market after sales service to Campanula is by the development tool, it is understood that the basic version of Campanula annual fee will reach 50 thousand yuan, compared to a private fee WeChat technology generation developers to develop a minimum of 9800 yuan / month, the price is more favorable to the chimes. A WeChat developer said, a minimum of 50 thousand annual service fees means wind chimes play is mopping up, automobiles, real estate and other gold main since Needless to say, even for medium-sized Taobao stores, the service fee is also acceptable, which means.

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