The host announced support for Alipay Host1Plus

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today, cheap meters found following Godaddy, IXwebhosting, Hostease three foreign host announced support for Alipay, today a foreign host announced support for Alipay Host1Plus.

Host1Plus is from the United Kingdom, the space registrar, in the United States, Germany, Britain, Holland, Lithuania, Singapore have servers, so that we are very selective. At the same time to host the United States friends should know host1plus is the first to provide Chinese home foreign host (Yuan Yuan earlier than IXwebhosting), but unfortunately, host1plus canceled its Chinese home page on the website, but after cheap meters and Host1Plus service communication to understand, because the site Chinese version is still in production no line. And according to Host1Plus’s customer service said that their Hongkong space will soon on-line


Host1Plus virtual host is divided into three models, Mini, Midi and Maxi. In which the entry of Mini host, the space size of 25GB, 250GB monthly traffic, you can choose the Singapore space, the use of cheap rice bar after the discount code as long as $27.3 per year. We can enjoy the price of the host computer, the speed of the Singapore host, quite cost-effective, there is a need for students to hurry to buy it!

Host1Plus official statement about Alipay:

finally attached two Host1Plus discount code, in addition to mention, Host1Plus will be launched in the national day for Chinese customers discount code

discount code: 99all

offers: free use of Host1Plus space for a month

discount code: BHY50

offers: buy Host1Plus host half price, and tax free!

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