The advertising alliance things to do the amount deducted

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      just look at the amount of deduction: advertising alliance had to do /article/20070822/53265.shtml

      look, do not know the author is what to do, so also express their fallacy!

      advertising alliance is not the amount of it, I do not know, because I did not do a lot of alliances, I do not touch a lot of alliances! What is the judgment of the modern society is the need for evidence, do not mind a hot idea of their own as the truth, and you do not matter as truth, do not impose their ideas on others!

      the author means that GGAD is not a button click is the money! Support their ideas is invalid GG click. I do not know if the author does not understand the inside of the GGAD is a public service code. In addition, we all know that the price of each click GGAD is not the same! When the high 1 clicks can have a few dollars or even $more than and 10, low when a few cents! I’ve been buying GG for the company! The lowest is 8 cents! But the price is too low to spend money, of course, this is related to the industry! So your point of view of the price is to match your advertising, advertisers at the time of the release of the price, as well as the general price of such products! The previous author said the price changes because of the large amount of GGAD! Oh, I do not know whether to do GGAD! GG insisted that in the price deduction! ~

      in addition to Baidu, Baidu, our company has to do the bidding, about a click on the price of a few dollars! And my own Commission out of the Commission will not be more than 0.2 yuan! Is it really Baidu said the 50% into it? And I click on the GG in general 1-3% in between, in Baidu is 0.03-0. Between 05%.

      there is the author’s point of view, the advertising statistics to the third party! This is Arabian Nights. Each advertising alliance has its own resources! Would you give it to another company????

      Alliance deduction is the business philosophy of their own, rather than to whom the problem of statistics! Also, most of the advertising data is not provided by the Federation, data out of the way is this: the main website advertising, advertisers and advertising alliance statistics provide data – Main alliance alliance released after treatment (the amount deducted or……).

      so the logic you said is not right! ~

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