The 123world com 550 thousand sold 123 digital domain name domain name hot

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July 22nd hearing, it is learned that the number of words in the domain name of the recent sale of a good price in the field, domain name to $85000 price of the transaction, about 550 thousand yuan.

The domain names currently accessible website for tourism, hotel and other projects of the service platform, the 123 can be regarded as a slogan, also stands ready for action, and can also be seen as a character for music, doreme, world is the world of Italy, 123world can represent to the world, the tourism industry has the characteristics of the domain name.


diagram: Web page

queries about, domain name registration in January 1999, has 13 years of registration time, the prefix 123world seems to be very popular, the mainstream suffix.Net/.biz/.cn has been registered, the domain name for these domain names fans hold.

is also popular in this type of domain name, but the country is mainly based on digital + Pinyin domain name, such as hao123 site navigation domain name and the same site navigation station

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