Stationmaster net broadcast Ali to buy ndia Taobao and Alipay inventory bigwigs neizhu

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1 Phoenix turned Super League was sentenced to infringement compensation Sina

$500 thousand  

due to the dispute over the right to broadcast the tournament, sina will Phoenix court claims ten million yuan. Beijing Morning Post reporter learned yesterday, Chaoyang Court of first instance found and LETV cooperation to show the event behavior, violation of Beijing Sina Internet Information Service Co. Ltd. has on the events of the picture copyright, all operators and decision surplus Beijing days Kyushu Network Technology Limited company to stop infringement and compensation for Sina Internet the company 500 thousand yuan of economic losses. It is reported that this is the city’s first broadcast dispute caused by sports events.

broadcast Super League defendant

it is reported that, according to the regulations of FIFA, the Chinese Football Association statute, the Chinese Football Association is the original owner of the rights of the super tournament. In March 8, 2006, Limited Liability Company (referred to as the Super League Super company) has only authorized resources development and operation of the Super League agent authorized by the China FA, valid for ten years, including the Super League TV, radio, Internet and multimedia copyright.

2 Iqiyi, ant gold suit and also listed public comment to   in strategic emerging board;

in the past, the NASDAQ and NYSE are all domestic Internet Co dream of listing, now return to the trend of A shares, more Internet Co choose to put the IPO on the domestic.

another wave of Internet Co intends to market in china.

the evening of July 1st, the Shanghai Securities News "reference news release, there are three domestic Internet Co and a state-owned enterprises will be the first batch of Shanghai stock exchange strategic emerging board listed companies, namely ant gold clothing,, Iqiyi and Chinese fly.

Iqiyi official confirmed the news to reporters interface.

3 marketing occasion also to have such as Durex! Liu Xiang divorce had nothing to do with  


too hot recently, an article is uncertain. When are you ready to dig buried Shenzhou car, Liu Xiang broke the divorce.

therefore, this scene has also been dubbed by netizens: black out xiang". # Liu Xiang # divorce became monkey sent reinforcements, once used # hot transfer law "saved" # stuck in the car from the mire of public opinion in china.

4 ostentatious Ali had to buy India Taobao + BMW cloud payment know  

According to Reuters, informed sources said on Tuesday, Alibaba group is investing in India online payment platform and electricity supplier company Paytm in-depth negotiations. Prior to the middle of January, there have been similar news.

informed sources said that in the most

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