Alipay also scouring the sea 2 million years of hard red

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news June 17th, the 618 anniversary of Jingdong has not come, cross-border electricity supplier in promoting has already started, Ali certainly when everyone thought not resigned to playing second fiddle, Ali bar in Tmall international cross-border positions when Alipay secretly did the sea Amoy in promoting.


sea Amoy years to promote the


we found that from the beginning of June 15th, Alipay wallet has a sea Amoy years to promote the special, and during the event specific moment in the 2 million Alipay red hair. It is worth noting that, in June 15th and June 16th two days, Alipay has only 10 points and 16 points, two hour can grab red". But the day before the anniversary of the Jingdong today, grab red activities into 3 games, respectively, at 10 o’clock and 19 o’clock 16 o’clock three times. Insiders said it was obvious to the first day of the Jingdong to start scouring the sea Amoy big promotion.

in addition, it is understood that the special promotion has been the main merchants settled in the Alipay based sea Amoy years, settled in addition to H& M and other overseas direct sellers, there are a large number of domestic sea Amoy website, such as the global purchase, honey Amoy sea Amoy, a private SF and koala sea purchase network etc.. In addition, Alipay is also looking into a large number of overseas websites, including, Skinstore, Ashford, GNC etc..

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