The writing skills of the website sales force planning

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What is the brand name of

is a comprehensive identification of the goods and services provided by the enterprise. The brand includes a variety of factors such as trademark, attribute, name, packaging, price, history, reputation, advertising and so on. We traditionally say brand is able to identify a particular seller or group of sellers of products or services, features and make with the competitors products and services distinguishing, allow consumers a sense of trust, and the products and services have been invisible power. Is the most direct: as long as it comes to the scalp shampoo, people immediately think of the "Head and Shoulders", but not the other, this is the strength of the brand.


, is the most straightforward brand:


the same piece of clothing, as long as the mark on the Nike logo, most consumers prefer to pay 160 yuan of T blood will not buy a $6 without a brand of T blood, which is the strength of the brand performance.

each industry has its own brand representatives, the network also has the same characteristics of the brand. For example, we talk about the network forum, Tianya and naturally; when it comes to network communication tools will think of Tencent QQ; when it comes to authoritative news website that phoenix net etc.. Brand is an intangible asset of an enterprise. Each electricity supplier, want to put their own website to create a brand value of the site, want to make their site again in the same industry, unique. How can we make our website brand


to do a website brand planning, involves a lot of content, such as: the name of the website, visual effects, user experience, domain name, service, product, marketing, customer service, publicity and so on, are important factors to decide the quality of website brand image. The Internet is to rely on the charm of the text to show the spread of power, and the website brand copy includes all the contents of the text on the web site, such as: the name of the web site, advertising language, enterprise website introduction, product introduction. Web site brand copywriting can reflect a company’s brand, plays a vital role. Below, talk about the website brand copy writing skills.

, easy to pronounce the name of the website.

site name appears on the website home page, the difference between the purpose of the site. Because of the name of the site is generally chinese. Like pig eight quit nets, potato net, etc., in the home page can read the name of the site. Many companies are using the company’s name as the name of the site, which is one of the most simple, easy to remember. If the name of the enterprise is very long, or companies to develop products in different fields, the need to start a new name, it should be based on the characteristics of the product. The best is two or three words, pronunciation is not a mouthful, but also reflects the characteristics of the industry name. For example, customers Tan roots — Shenzhen Huazhang education, another open a dedicated network of online education website, the website name, no longer follow the "chapter"

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