Comparison of network promotion and traditional media promotion

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the development and popularization of the Internet, so that enterprises can only focus on the promotion of the media to promote the integration of network development. The spread and popularization of electronic commerce makes the "brainless" to "change the brain" in enterprise, how to stride forward, a stand head and shoulders above others. Marketing than the novelty, interest and news, advertising style is clearly the most effective way of marketing, tailored for the enterprise is the authority of the news reports, with the advantage of news and do the most effective marketing for the enterprise, high credibility of news spread fast, wide range of publicity, a strong can satisfy people’s pursuit of authenticity, novelty, convenience of psychological needs, to promote the brand image and product information through news reports, it is easy to be enterprises to seize the market opportunities of

traditional media promotion

from the newspaper to the television, from the television to the network and the popularization of digital technology today, network promotion technology has become the mainstream of China and the world. The world today is in an age of information explosion. All this has not only changed people’s life and work, but also greatly affect corporate branding and marketing communication mode, changing consumer and brand communication way; at the same time also changed the enterprise promotion way. Because of the limitations of traditional media news and the high cost of advertising, so that some small and medium-sized enterprises have to find another way, they don’t like large enterprises so abundant capital, marketing the landscape, they are unable to pay huge advertising costs. Relative to the traditional advertising is fixed is tens of thousands of advertising costs in terms of

with the overwhelming amount of hard advertising (television media, newspapers, magazines, etc.), people have been tired of ordinary advertising, and even have a psychological conflict. But regardless of the surface of fancy traditional media advertising to the enterprise, how to change quickly, due to the basic pattern of the media, are from the change.

coverage of traditional media advertising is relatively narrow, regional, or China cannot cover the entire overseas enterprises on the long-term vision of development, not only the marketing limited in local area.

therefore, even in the highly developed information age, the traditional media is still inevitably influenced by traditional culture.

network promotion

the rapid development and popularization of the Internet, so that some of the higher profile of small and medium enterprises to promote the enterprise on the network. The development of Internet technology updates, consumers’ information behavior, "advertising", "communication form of promotion of rich media" more and more appear in the internet. It is not difficult to find that the formation of such a noun, because a very interesting event or product is recognized by the user, and then there is the next popular words.

twenty-first Century is a network era, any enterprise is not willing to give up this potential market. China Internet users currently has hundreds of millions of people, in the Internet era, to get their own enterprises.

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