58 city of the two revolution Yao and Chen Xiaohua’s re venture

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"58 home" and the city of Beijing in the North Garden Road, North American International Business Center in the compound, separated by a few hundred meters away from the 58. Different and law-abiding 58 city office cubicle, 58 more home some Internet Co taste: high ceiling, transparent glass separated out of a separate space. Now is the time to work, there are several Manicure is the division of nail for customers.

half a year ago, the 58 city quietly launched a new business – 58 home. In the mobile phone terminal, the user can find the nearest App 58 home part-time, moving companies, master lock.

"we are building a home scene as the core of the on-site service system, from the 58 home platform directly linked to workers and users, and defines the service process and price." 58 city CEO Yao Jinbo said.

to home service as the only entry point, from the provision of classified information into a semi closed loop O2O service, is the 58 city in the mobile Internet era of the two revolution. To this end, the 58 city set up a new company in parallel with the 58 city 58 home business veteran Chen Xiaohua served as CEO.

leather own life

if a revolution is coming, it is necessary to make his own life.

over the past three years, the city has been exploring how to get through the closed loop 58. As a category of information providers, 58 city wide range of services. The local life service, as long as there is an advertisement in the newspaper, a corridor inside the strip, real estate, recruitment, education and so on all kinds of information can be found in the 58 city. Information service is a semi closed loop, false information, service quality complaints and other issues have plagued the 58 city, but it has exceeded the scope of the business model itself can control.

in early 2012, Yao Jinbo began to go on the company "supplier of the transformation of the road, have opened the mobile phone, ticketing and other classified section of online trading function, began to let the 58 city involved in the C2C transaction from a pure classification information platform.

at the same time, 58 city has also been trying to transform the traditional online intermediary companies, but it is difficult to standardize. Yao Jinbo found this year, through the mobile Internet to connect directly to workers and users, is an effective way, because workers want to make money is willing to accept the new standard. Like drops taxi, if you want to put together 3000 car rental companies in China is very difficult, but it is much easier to combine directly with the driver.

more critical is that in the past one or two years, the rise of many segments of the O2O company makes the city feel a huge crisis of 58. Yao Jinbo admits: "in a variety of categories, our future has been impacted and challenged."

the original 58 of the city’s unobtrusive categories, along with each person can be connected to the mobile Internet >

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