BTAUTO articles open Jingdong 618 car panic buying lie

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nearly two years after the baptism of e-commerce, consumer online shopping category is from clothes and shoes, mobile home appliances into a car or even a house. Recently, after launched the "66 Car Buying Festival", BITAUTO in Jingdong 618 shopping big lie in the open "BITAUTO panic buying lie, let the car business in June to become the highlight, also allow more consumers to enjoy a convenient and efficient online.


to participate in the activities of the models are very rich, covering the MPV, SUV, luxury cars, midsize cars, compact, imported parallel cars, used cars and other types, can fully meet the different needs of different users. In addition to the mainstream market selling models, as well as excellent performance, price concessions of parallel imported cars, exclusive direct car network customized for car etc.. Parallel import car with a Middle Eastern version of BMW X5, the Middle East, the Middle East version of BMW X6 version 2700, American Standard Version of Ford overbearing Mustang, the Europe version of the Land Rover Range Rover Sport S (diesel), a variety of classic cars, exclusive direct cars with DS5, DS5LS, qoros 3 five door version, Dongfeng well-off K07 etc..

compared to dozens, hundreds of dollars of preferential car mobile phone appliance, offers hundreds of thousand dollars, all the price straight down, deduction, free insurance, Car Buying packs make people too busy to attend to all. Consumers to buy DS5 or DS5LS, will be awarded a maximum of 1 years of commercial insurance, 1 years of compulsory insurance, 5000 yuan cash discount or 1 tons of oil card and other multiple benefits, the value of 40 thousand yuan; the purchase of qoros 3 five door version of the door drive can enjoy exclusive services, and the price of direct preferential 10%, a Car Buying can also enjoy the insurance package; 618 for the day, 499 yuan coupon panic buying FAW TOYOTA $1499 to 3499 yuan; the best is the European version of the Land Rover Range Rover HSE, full gauge car market price of nearly 400 thousand yuan,


for the purchase of second-hand car users, easy car car source is divided into multiple categories, a prospective new wagon, SUV City, business model, MPV, mini cars, small cars, midsize cars, convenient for the user according to the needs of rapid selection. Each purchase of second-hand car users can also receive a $500 Jingdong E card.

two months ago, BITAUTO exclusive Jingdong operating vehicle channel officially launched, its mature products, automotive electricity supplier rich resources and the combination of online shopping habits of manufacturers, explore new electric car road. After two months of June, BITAUTO and Jingdong have special significance, one is our June 6th celebration, a June 18th birthday, the two jointly build a car online through the June season, let more people feel the online shopping car to save money worry, for Chinese auto electric business development to cultivate the most powerful the user base.

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