Taobao auction international double 12 new overseas real estate special

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] December 11th news billion state power network, the latest learned billion state power network, this year twelve, Taobao will launch the "overseas real estate auction auction price hunters", shooting the first on the market China field overseas real estate Internet auction. This special beat New Zealand school district room, the Cayman Islands and other overseas land property Chinese moat consumers.

, according to the person in charge of Taobao auction project, the special total of more than 70 sets of overseas real estate in the world’s 8 countries to participate in the auction, the estimated total price of more than 200 million yuan. Among them, the school district room pike apartment, located in New Zealand’s North Island, the largest city in Oakland gold spot, is the highlight of this special product.

According to

billion state power network to understand, the auction started in December 10th, the starting price of 400 thousand yuan, the majority of property and no special requirements Chinese citizens purchase.

industry analysis, this event reflects the increasingly hot Internet auction model, but also reflects the trend of the internationalization of the auction market. Taobao also hopes to take this opportunity to implement a global strategy to find goods on a global scale.


Taobao overseas real estate auction price dips

In addition, Taobao

, another highlight of the 12 double auction this year launched a charity auction, special auction of "full in the fifteenth Oscar awards" is the biggest bright spot. Taobao said, will take this opportunity to test the water for a charity concert, the future official global charity auction wading.

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