Electricity providers do not need to do business registration place

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according to the requirements of the State Administration for Industry and commerce, from October 1st onwards, the country will be fully implemented "one by one" registration mode. The reporter went to the day before the first trial "as a code" of the Pingtan Comprehensive Experimental Zone interviews found that in addition to the 3 hours issued a photo of a code ", Pingtan also launched a business registration can only address the new measures. Experts said that the practice of Pingtan is an international trend, it should gradually spread throughout the country.



a one yard 3 hours can be issued a license


window in the morning of September 8th, Pingtan Comprehensive Experimental Zone Administrative Service Center of commercial registration, the legal representative of Fujian construction letter to build equity Cci Capital Ltd Huang Minggen, received the "business license of a company as a code", "15 minutes to". Huang Minggen told reporters that he is at the end of August in the first online declaration, on the day of the staff to call him, tell him where to change, just one day to complete the audit, he also according to their own time to do according to the time, I did not expect so soon run".

to do before "painful", Fujian Hai Tan Pingtan Travel Service Co. Ltd. legal representative Xue Bin deep feelings. Xue Bin founded the company in 2002, when all the documents are handled by him personally, apply for business license, engraved seal, do code and tax registration certificate, a total of nearly 7 months before and after the time. From August 3, 2001 began to apply for approval for the name, the company registered capital verification report, business premises lease contract, the travel agency business license, a run down took more than 3 months. After receiving the business license, the official seal, organization code certificate, tax registration certificate, and spent 45 days time.

in July last year, Xue Bin’s company has invested in a wholly owned subsidiary, is catching up with a one shot reform. Xue Bin submitted the name of the application for approval the next day, it was approved by. The staff told him, after finishing the license within 5 working days, and the registered capital subscribed. Third days after Xue Bin submitted the material, the fifth day he got a business license.

according to the Pingtan Comprehensive Experimental Zone relevant responsible person told the reporter, "from May 4th last year, Pingtan carried out a photo of a code since the reform, domestic and foreign enterprises will be registered in time from the original 9 days and 13 days of work a unified reduced to 5 days, and later shortened to the longest 3 hours. Licensing. So far, Pingtan’s "one by one" reform has achieved 6". A form of application, is that you only need to fill out a commercial subject registration information collection table; an acceptance, unified collection is accepted by the administrative service center comprehensive service window business; the "one license for one code", issued a "unified social credit code" commercial registration license "; Chapter approval" the seal of the administrative examination and approval of Pingtan Comprehensive Experimental Zone seal; seal immediately, in the administrative service hall can be engraved seal of the company; "Lidengkequ", within 3 hours of the issuance of business licenses.


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