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reporter Wang Xiaoying

medical, health and every consumer is closely related, it can be said that everyone is most concerned about the field, but also an urgent need to develop a new blue ocean. Recently, the takeaway platform of the United States and Baidu takeaway have announced a medical electricity supplier into. Jingdong in August this year, or will launch a healthy home service. Internet companies eager for a fight in medicine O2O, to snatch a piece of delicious cake. But the ideal is full, the reality is skinny. Because the policy is not fully open to the sale of prescription drugs, as well as the pharmaceutical O2O last mile cold chain delivery problem is not solved, the pharmaceutical electricity supplier is still a long way.

Internet giant competing drugs O2O

summer, if someone accidentally heatstroke, drug delivery site remission, that this is good; the mobility of the elderly, with headache and slight fever have a fever, as long as the fingers point at the terminal, there will be a nearby pharmacy drug delivery site, saving time and effort. Drug O2O gives us a convenient and healthy life.

day before the "Nanfang Daily" reported that in the three major domestic takeaway platform group and Baidu have announced to enter the delivery of pharmaceutical business. It is understood that the United States will take away the contents of the group to expand the service content, epitaxial pharmaceutical sector, with fast medicine is known for the rapid integration of the pharmaceutical O2O platform jingle fast drugs, the addition of drugs entrance. The two sides jointly open up the national market, providing hundreds of millions of users with 28 minutes to bring home the ultimate experience.

following the April this year, Baidu announced a strategic partnership with the Chinese Association of medical supplies, and announced the launch of "direct drug", Baidu in drug O2O victory. The day before, Baidu takeaway and O2O pharmaceutical enterprise drug awesome reached a strategic cooperation, then, awesome medicine at Baidu takeaway line family standing, cold cough, detoxification and other more than and 10 categories of nearly a thousand kinds of drugs, covering the daily needs of non prescription drugs, and Baidu also played 1 hours door-to-door delivery "slogan.

The layout of the

drug O2O project is obviously the Internet giant’s climax, in April this year, the Alibaba announced the integration of online pharmaceutical business into Ali health, is committed to providing medical and health services and better user experience. In the long ago, Pacific Insurance teamed Ali health, to carry out comprehensive cooperation in the pharmaceutical retail business services, health insurance and health services, Internet marketing and platform resources, work together to build online and offline integration of new business services and ecosystem health.

Alibaba group main founder Ma Yunceng said: "if we do it right, it should be 30 years after the hospital is less and less, the doctor can not find work, pharmaceutical companies a lot less." The tycoon of visible medical market is very optimistic about the internet. In fact, apart from a few Internet giants, as well as a good pharmacist, seven Lok Kang electricity, Nepstar online pharmacies. Jingdong in August this year or will launch a healthy home service. It can be said that the development of drug O2O irreversible situation.

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