Electricity supplier in the field Tencent is a sleeping lion

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in the field of electronic commerce, the Tencent is like a sleeping lion, I think, as long as the proper strategy, then the integration of the Tencent’s business Tencent, e-commerce will be a force to be reckoned with, the reason is very simple, the Tencent has other business unmatched marketing entrance. The Tencent, why can not a breakthrough, is the main drag, with its own huge business friction serious consumers on the electricity supplier business rather vague.

is different from the search field, why Tencent in electronic commerce is more likely to succeed? We see Jingdong’s road to success, you can know, consumers shopping online, mainly for their high quality and inexpensive, quality guaranteed, can enjoy shopping, if you can provide such a platform to publicize, so how can consumers be completely indifferent? II, and the field of electricity providers, most potential, is the only Tencent, Tencent, the speed of integration seems to be lagging behind, but in the long run, the Tencent electricity supplier, I see "".

2005, Tencent launched pat Network officially into e-commerce, in 2008 QQ Membership Upgrade to become QQ mall. With more and more demand for resources, in 2010, the electricity supplier sector by B0 system (enterprise development system) to B2 under the Internet business system. 2011, the electricity supplier once again upgraded to electricity supplier line, and launched QQ online shopping. At that time, the electricity supplier scale cannot be mention in the same breath, set up electricity supplier operations department, Platform Department, life service providers, business department, business department of Virtual R & D department and other departments. Including C2C, B2C, B2BC, buy, recharge and other forms of electricity supplier products. Subsequently, digital distribution platform QQ music has also been included in the electricity supplier. But the basic lack of coordination in major business, lack of cooperation. For example, the operation Department is only responsible for the pat Network, QQ online shopping mall, QQ is by the Department responsible for the platform, and then recharge life belong to group purchase ticket business ministry and virtual business ministry, various departments have no unified marketing, no consistent platform operation. Electricity supplier business expansion has not brought the corresponding return, a large electricity supplier researcher commented, Tencent a few years ago in the tuition fees".

May 24, 2012, Ma Huateng also let it be: to operate independently of the Tencent electric holding company invested $1 billion to build a new generation of electronic commerce platform. In order to "burn" for the electricity supplier in the field, this is not curry favour by claptrap. But for the current Tencent electricity supplier, the money may not be the most critical. "Although the Tencent has a lot of business electricity supplier, but is lacking spirit of cooperation, and for electronic commerce, no chain is worthless." Lu Zhenwang said, Tencent needs to integrate the existing business in front of marketing, background operations and logistics aspects of payment into a chain."

2012 Tencent was holding CEO Wu Xiaoguang called for the integration of the electricity supplier, electricity supplier Tencent tried to start the chain to build, but according to the insider said: "after the establishment of the new company, although announced the strategic direction, but in actual implementation there are still differences, as far as I know.

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