Jingdong initiation tuiyi price war on hand pulling out to a card

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every reporter Qi Wenting from Shenzhen

recently, the electricity supplier in the field of interesting scene: the price war "master" Jingdong announced that it intends to "wash", from the price war, the Tencent’s easy fast and WAL-MART holding store No. 1, but the price war will fire at the Jingdong.

for this game, analysis of the industry to the "daily economic news" reporter, the three party’s move is decided by each in the pattern of the electricity supplier in the situation that occupies the initiative of the Jingdong, the main goal is to profit; and back trees Yi Xun, shop No. 1, but hopes to call in the Jingdong, with 3C card this is a category a a hotly contested spot.

Jingdong was "retired" challenge

at the beginning of the year, Jingdong CEO Liu Qiangdong announced that the 2013 is the Jingdong "respite" of the year, also announced the fourth quarter of 2013, Jingdong can realize the true meaning of the profit.

The corresponding

, recently held in Shanghai "China Appliance Development Summit Forum", Jingdong mall chief marketing officer Lanye foreign made it clear that the price competition is coming to an end, not the pursuit of pure Jingdong mall price competition.

"we will ensure that our prices are competitive in the market by optimizing costs and benefits." Blue ye said, is not the price competitiveness of the Jingdong refers to the lowest price in the market, but give full play to the resource and efficiency of the unique advantages of the electricity supplier, its service platform based on the embodied price advantage.

price war "master" suddenly "wash", caused uproar in the industry.

but the tree is still and the wind is. In the Jingdong to abandon the price war, backed by a tree business fast and easy to store No. 1, but would not stop.

Yi Xun, director of operations, said Pan Biao, the end of the price war is just wishful thinking Jingdong". He explained that this year, Jingdong’s main goal is to make a profit in order to pave the way for the subsequent IPO, so the price of Jingdong has no advantage. Jingdong does not want to fight a price war, but can not afford the price war. At the same time, Pan Biao announced in a challenging tone, fast and easy to have more than 90% of the product prices are lower than Jingdong, the price advantage has been fully beyond Jingdong."

do not want to let go of the Jingdong as well as shop 1.

recently, shop No. 1, launched the so-called "price attack" and action of Jingdong. 1 store, a senior internal mail display, in a period of 3 days, the "digital home appliance Festival", the shop No. 1, all the popular models are cheaper than Jingdong’s similar products at least $100.

Jingdong is difficult to withdraw from the price war arena, caused by the electricity supplier competition pattern.

currently, B2C Jingdong as a leader in the field, has a competitive advantage, the main goal of the next step will be to profit by the burn enclosure, it will be decided by the IPO key to success. Yi Xun and 1>

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