The balance of the total size of 185 billion 300 million yuan treasure users reached 1 billion 790

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Beijing daily news (reporter Chong Xiaomeng) yesterday, Alipay and Celestica Fund announced the 2013 report of the balance of treasure. Data show that as of December 31st last year, the balance of treasure accumulated to the user to bring 1 billion 790 million yuan of revenue, the total size of up to $185 billion 300 million.

from Alipay and Celestica fund data show that from June 13th last year to the end of the year listed the number of customers, the balance of treasure has reached 43 million 30 thousand people, the scale of 185 billion 300 million yuan, docking increasedliberty Monetary Fund ranked the largest fund of the throne, the cumulative gain of about 1 billion 790 million yuan. But the average amount held only 4307 yuan, much lower than the average traditional fund financial holdings, reflect the rich "grassroots atmosphere".

after the balance of treasure to get the market, a large number of class balance treasure products have come out, with the fire of Internet financial development. Insiders view, Internet banking users showing younger features, and most of them are the first contact financial white users, not plunder the traditional fund financial market, but expand the fund management industry user coverage.

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