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veterans trends

went to a year of "double eleven", in the retail electricity supplier share continued under snatch line, offline retailers have also fought back, put out the open attitude. According to deputy general manager of Suning Guangzhou management center as an introduction, Suning interior has been O2O Shopping Festival set 10 billion target sales. He Yangqing, senior vice president of the United States claimed to be no pricing sales strategy to build a new benchmark 11.11 cheap".

emphasizes genuine, low-cost competition

at present, pure electricity supplier big promotion is no longer as before hot, a large part of the reason is out of stock, contusion of false promotion activities, such as knowing and selling fake false discount the consumer’s shopping enthusiasm emerge in an endless stream.

Suning the O2O Shopping Festival also intends for the electricity supplier industry shouted "super genuine drawbacks, break half off" slogan. To this end, the mandatory Suning O2O Shopping Festival not only adhere to the selection of a preferred investment requirements, settled Suning open platform business must be a brand, brand licensing business or brand agent position also requires all participants: "goods must be genuine licensed, price must be the whole network cheap, for the sale of counterfeit merchandise Zero tolerance."

the United States advocate the scientific way to buy, advised consumers to GOME stores in the real machine experience after the purchase. In terms of price, the United States is committed to, from November 7th to November 12th, in terms of home appliances and 3C products will subvert the line price. By then, consumers only need to go to the United States by other businesses advertising offer any stores, Gome will be based on the advertising offer, at least drop 11 yuan to sell the goods. Suning also claimed that the bulk of the goods will be sold at a price of less than 50 percent off.

for young consumers play tricks

young consumers is "double eleven" main consumption for their habits, Suning Gome in the marketing, but across online and offline, with the more social and interactive content. According to the reporter, Suning O2O Shopping Festival this year will be positioned as stores, websites, mobile phones, TV four end collaborative interaction. During the period of mass merchandise will be less than 50 percent off of the price of foreign sales, in addition, Suning will launch envelopes, big poly Hui, buy gifts fanquan, zero free single, 1 yuan, 50 percent off multiple seckill panic buying options, to the mobile terminal, PC terminal end stores such as multiport interaction entrance, with WeChat light application, game membership precision marketing, social media and other integrated marketing, the full range of consumer feedback.

According to He Yangqing

, the United States launched the WeChat card package coupons, 1 million yuan big run Gome taxi drops of red delivery and other measures, as long as consumers receive the United States in the WeChat platform WeChat card package, can be online, online and mobile terminal channels to use. 1 million yuan United States and a few drops of taxi red light is the use of a taxi taxi sharing function, so as to achieve the double eleven flow closed loop.


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