The largest Darunfa supermarket can get involved in the electricity supplier

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although the domestic large-scale commercial chain giants involved in the electricity supplier have ended in failure, but this does not hinder the determination of the traditional business of electric shock. Recently, Darunfa supermarket Chinese market ranked first because of the rise of the flying cow network website subordinate, once again sparked heated debate.

believes that recently a lot of friends in supermarkets Darunfa see the overwhelming flying cow network advertising, by this way to attract enough eyeballs, but the effect is really very good? "" recently, the global information broadcast programs, related topics to find my connection about RT involved in the electricity supplier I put my key point, as follows:

1, Darunfa chairman Huang Mingduan led Darunfa from the initial small supermarket later to catch up with WAL-MART, the retail giant Carrefour, what do you think of his marketing characteristics of


cheap: direct sourcing and supply of products from the source, the profit margin is very low.

The construction of

logistics system: Darunfa began to self built logistics warehousing system in more than 10 years ago.

standardized operating system: there is a set of perfect management ERP information system, from service to management process.

rural strategy: street sweeping, shuttle bus.

2, Huang Mingduan from the beginning of the textile industry to the subsequent retail he can do very well, where do you think his success?

dare to struggle: from Taiwan to the mainland, Huang Mingduan cut his way through the customer service difficulties, seize the development of the market dividend period, with more than and 10 years to build a retail empire.

Internet thinking: simple, extreme, fast Internet thinking was performed very well Huang Mingduan.

know what the market and consumer needs: Huang Mingduan can respond quickly to the needs of the market and consumers.

3, Huang Mingduan believes that the domestic electricity supplier in recent years, the development is no longer as simple as the beginning of the price war, and now more and more rational. He believes that at this time to enter the electricity supplier is the most appropriate, how do you see this problem?

I agree with the views of Huang Mingduan, the electronic commerce China had to rely on low price to rise rapidly, but e-commerce competition in the future fight more services, rather than price, because our market and consumer is growing, more and more rational.

Darunfa online e-commerce website at the end of 2013, their flying cow net, and invested billions of dollars. But in my opinion, the rapid development of e-commerce era has passed, the top e-commerce website every year has been to hundreds of billions of tens of billions, Darunfa this time into e-commerce has been slow, but slow to do better than. Because in the future there will be no pure traditional retail, retail of any model must be the Internet, will survive.


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