With the demolition of the brush single story Ali Jingdong brush single platform disaster caused by

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/ Li Chengdong (public No.: East electricity supplier interpretation)

a few days ago an article greeted "$10 million financing is being made:" the Burning Crusade fitness bad company, I have 220 thousand yuan of property! Please forward, justice! "," absolute attract eyeball, a month ago, a good friend of the company also suffered a similar predicament not only crusade. By cooperative businesses, but the abolition of the staff. "Brush", the word is so high frequency in the industry. This reminds me of the "demolition" story of China!

brush single story

saw Uber decided to crack down on the car driver brush yesterday.

a few days ago, a friend told me that the investment banking industry, the proportion of the industry’s average brush how much because he served the company met the discount requirements of investors. If you are in accordance with the valuation of sales of water, then, of course, to remove moisture.

two weeks ago to participate in an investment bank arrangements for investor research, hedge funds are also very concerned about the impact on the performance of Ali hit brush. Also asked about the high-speed growth of Jingdong platform brush false prosperity.

a month ago and former Tencent to do investment colleagues to eat, they said some of the industry’s most popular start-up companies to shop directly into the store to order the order into the online orders.

heard a year ago, a large number of traditional transformation of the electricity supplier, so that the store’s staff into the next line of the order into a single online, so that the data will be much better online growth.

"brush" is really the industry unspoken


single brush is so prevalent, let a person be struck dumb dazzling, feel that this is not a country of faith, or China Internet entrepreneurs circle is full of lies, from the amount of financing to the transaction itself. Is there a feeling of deja vu?

China’s economic growth statistics. Local officials lied about the data, in order to spread. Know the data above the water, why do you want to default, is to stabilize the people, stable investment, confidence can not be lost. Although twenty years at home and abroad, many agencies, the media tries to expose the lies and statistics, whether you believe it or not, this twenty or thirty years of national tax revenue surge in corporate assets and income scale expanding, the actual income of the people in the growth of both cars, luxury consumption, or overseas travel shopping in the surge, statistics false not real?

brush like beer bubble, beer bubble to drink, it is impossible to drink all the foam, so the control is very important. Finally the virtual into a real deal!

single brush, really make money

the great historian Sima Qian in the "historical records. Merchant biography "wrote:" the world is a for profit, where the world >

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