CCB good financial business electricity supplier Empire prototype now

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zero cost operation + core financing + capture payment

The history of


JinfengTake the turnover of 45 million yuan

in 2012 "double eleven" Taobao shopping Carnival day, do the clothing business for nearly 40 years, Jiangsu Yalu Group Chairman Gu Zhenhua once again tasted the online platform badly, a plan of his latest promise, the Suzhou branch of China Construction Bank, agreed to trade all of its more than and 600 dealerships have migrated to the Construction Bank of good financial business enterprises on the mall.

Gu Zhenhua and his Yalu first contact experience, a chance to try from the Shanghai branch in 2009, 2010 "double eleven Festival" Taobao big promotion, one day took the turnover of 10 million, until 2011, the annual online transactions has billions of dollars, the proportion reached 10%, "in the future overall sales of electricity providers accounted for

to reach 20%-30%

has a rich experience for the electricity supplier called why choose, such a good financial business banking business platform


December 10, 2012, Gu Zhenhua told the author, is a good financial business, CCB has a large number of customer groups; second, the cost of good financial business, "zero cost" operation mode, so that enterprises can significantly reduce costs.

we pay more attention to the construction of the platform to carry out industrial chain financing, we can promote the overall development of industrial clusters." Gu Zhenhua these three words concisely summarizes the construction of the electricity supplier, where the advantage.

From June 28, 2012

, good financial business as a low-key came into business "elephants", the mystery of the electricity supplier financial platform China second major commercial banks to build gradually lifted, the enterprise covers its Mall (B2B), (B2C), the real mall e three business segments, this is a prototype of a typical "Ali Empire", some people even regard it as "the Alibaba + Jingdong (or Tmall) and Alipay (Construction Bank)" super combo.

data show that the first half of the line of good financial business, at present, has been in the tens of thousands of merchants settled; the most important financing services, as of the end of 2012, on-line only six months of good financial business enterprise mall has a total turnover of 3 billion 500 million yuan, online financing is nearly 1 billion, this is no precedent in the industry.

but as a burn electricity supplier industry "pupil", in marketing, customer transaction activity and customer satisfaction are still considerable work to make up for.

according to the CCB bank electronic banking department, also can see this from the change of evaluation index dynamic adjustment, 2012 appraisal or merchants settled in number and the number of goods, then the trading activity, as for the construction of the most important financing amount, yet in 2013 to become the first assessment index, "the most important is to go through several modes, guest >

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