Taobao baby shop optimization and promotion

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in Chinese, is the largest domestic e-commerce station at present, Ma China trained a large number of users of the online shopping habits through, twenty-first Century today, online shopping is no longer a new word. Internet users have flocked to Taobao and other e-commerce sites opened their own shop. Taobao shop on the program is very simple, but how to manage their own shop, which has become the most concerned about the issue of online shop business.

open shop to do business, summed up in fact, the three step

first, learn how to attract traffic.

second, you have to learn how to browse through your shop to become your customers.

finally, learn how to retain these customers and make them your regulars.

is easy to say, but it doesn’t work that way. Open shop, we must first learn how to attract traffic. Most users of online shopping has a habit, is through the search engine directly search keywords commodity name and some models such as to find goods, although blocked outside the search engine, but the flow of itself is already very large, since the shop in Taobao, so Taobao in the most suitable drainage. Because, there are some people browsing the Taobao online shopping needs, which is the potential customers shop. In other words, if you can make your name in front of the Taobao search results, then you will be able to attract consumer demand. Today, the author of " how to attract traffic on Taobao " to communicate with you about some of the tips of the shop promotion.

Taobao after more than 6 years of development, with a set of mature commodity ranking rules. The author through observation, testing and understanding of Taobao related services. Found that Taobao’s ranking rules and many factors, we do understand.

first, to understand the Taobao search ranking. Taobao’s search results are ranked in two ways, such as:


the first ranking method is all the baby, all the baby’s ranking rules are ranked according to the shelf time of the goods, the closer to the shelf time on the front row.

second is ranked according to popularity. Through the popularity of the rankings of the audience factors. However, the popularity ranking is Taobao’s default search results, that is, the results of this search is the result of most people see. So, even if there are a lot of factors, we have to do something about it.

author through a large number of tests, found that the impact of popular baby list ranking factors include the amount of sales, collection number, the seller’s reputation and other factors.

1, according to the

collection: do some test results can be seen about the current popularity ranking factor should be the most important, it can also explain why the recent emergence of many brush collection team.


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