Explosion list list leaked Suning Hou Enlong 5 days ahead of time to do

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Beijing, November 4, "since all know, 5 days ahead of the opening of the zero!" Su Ningyun Hou COO park to 4 am release of the micro-blog is still the continuation of its concise style, with pictures of two and 3, the spread of the Internet, Suning O2O Shopping Festival explosion list "is very similar. Hou Enlong not only responded to the explosion of the list of leaks, but also confirmed the authenticity of these 50 explosive goods at low prices.

has announced the leaked price list

3 later, Suning O2O shopping section of the list of the explosion was leaked micro-blog, the form of a detailed list of the upcoming Su Ningben double the upcoming explosion of the eleven. Then a number of media reports of the leak and explosion of a list of screenshots in micro-blog, WeChat, led hand chop party crazy forwarding. Some people see Suning preferential price, directly to the Jingdong return.

Suning announced earlier this year in accordance with the eleven promotional rhythm of the two, the main venue for the first 6 days -11 price promotions. Although the list of the first batch of explosive was leaked in advance on the 3, but did not disrupt the rhythm of Suning promotions. Because of Suning’s low price strategy and explosive goods prices have spread, Hou Enlong homeopathic announced at 4 am the "price war" to advance to the 5 day war.

Hou Enlong said that the current staff morale, adequate forage ammunition. Leak incident is just an episode, allowing users to feel more intuitive Suning cheap. It will be the main venue of the price war broke out in advance, because Suning team is ready to come to war, war to win".

Suning is ready enough. First, the vendor is firmly on the side of Suning, 134 suppliers in October 21st on the top of the special for the third O2O Shopping Festival platform assists".

these well-known suppliers for Suning has brought a large number of high-quality goods: Hisense 50% emergency supplemental supply for Suning, operations, customer service personnel to enter Suning headquarters; millet will Suning double channels to supply 1 million units, the total price of more than 1 billion; the United States launched 250 thousand air conditioners ice wash products for Suning, which covers the 120 thousand explosion models; SIEMENS is with the 120 thousand sets of ice wash the tip of goods, to break through the 1 billion sales mark in Suning platform.

second, Suning has "five weapon combat readiness, recruit to hit the opponent weakness. First, the absolute low price, mobile phones, 3C to ensure that Jingdong has a price advantage of 10%, a large number of explosive products lower than Jingdong’s low of 20%. Two is the original interactive payment, with a variety of means to enhance consumer spending. Three is to provide one-stop shopping services, consulting and experience O2O. Four is the launch of the free color TV to send a package, the rapid development of the 195 cities up to 2 hours, stores to carry out the old and other intimate services. The five is offline store + suning.com dual platform linkage, some stores closed shop in 5 days after the first ten group purchase, opened the prelude to war in November 6th.

Suning also provides users with a full range of financial services, to pay for the launch of the 3 phase, phase 6

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