Five black hand chop party secret to see what foreigners Amoy

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[editor’s note] China’s double 11 passed, but the foreign online shopping festival black Friday (November 28th) immediately came. You are not for those in the online shopping festival that quickly and accurately find a bargain buyers especially envy? Billion state power network compiled this article lists the 11 most commonly used black five Taohuo strategy, take you to see the black Friday buyers what amoy.

1 make purchase list and budget

"black five" hand chop party thinking in general is this: make a list and check check check. Shopping website DealNews spokesman Mark LoCastro said the shopping list is necessary, you have to know what you are now. And shopping list to be detailed, not only the major categories, such as television, computers, etc.. To the needs of the size, features, and even the brand are listed, so as to parity and select the most cost-effective products.

in addition, do a good job in order to ensure that the budget to spend money to spend the place, so that Amoy things become more valuable.

2 get discount information in advance

opportunities are for those who are prepared, black Friday is certainly not the side of the coffee shop. At this time a perfect shopping list can help you a lot, to help you choose the cheapest goods in the bargain. As for what kind of store to play what kind of discount, buyers can get data in the black five weeks ago.


is the following several well-known parity site:

Start early

3 focus on real-time discount

generally all that black Friday began with a discount is definitely the biggest, in fact, a fish escaped through the Seine or many. Because retailers in order to attract more customers, will be introduced in different periods of different discount merchandise.

4 doesn’t have to wait until black Friday

may be on Wednesday when the discount has already started, before the store closes on Wednesday, the price will be black five, if you happen to enter the store can enjoy discounts in advance. And some businesses in order to attract customers in advance, will advance the price.

5 group

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