With the blue sky founder Yu Dafei at cloud minivan entrepreneurial experience

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cloud micro passenger more than the initial experience

Philip said more than

tongtru blue sky, after returning home out of cloud micro off, is to do a different from the standard WeChat operating companies with personalized brand marketing mode. A round of financing is still smooth, but really devoted to do, Mr. Yu Dafei found that there are many problems.

we see a lot of money on the Internet through WeChat’s circle of friends to make money, whether it is the Buddha licensing sister, or fruit brother…… and so many attractive eye case.


The blue sky fly first more than

Tongchuang from WeChat’s characteristics, one is the media, the two channel, that is to say, if the WeChat business, WeChat can be used as a new media, may also get a new type of channel, through WeChat WeChat venture so could only be a commercial venture, it further may be an important way to start business. Now people almost intelligent people are using mobile phone WeChat, become a part of people’s life, so the channel effect has more amplification and widely. At the same time than the previous channel, WeChat also has low cost, or even zero cost characteristics of communication, often with the help of the circle communication, communication reliability the increase in low cost, and make communication easier to spread. In this way, if you do poineering work in WeChat, is likely to engage in business or engage in the dissemination of the industry, while the latter only profitable advertising or advertising. So, this business can be operated for a long time, perhaps, but most will be transferred to the surrounding, such as the transfer to the upstream, do product production, in order to control the production chain, to obtain greater value. In other words, WeChat venture may be a low threshold startups.

Philip to study these cases more than do not know true and false, but WeChat’s circle of friends does make a lot of people earn money, let him believe that this is because one of my friends earned, and now has been made.

because he was fortunate enough to develop a ERP software for friends so I know it is true. At the same time to see some articles out of WeChat online sellers circle of friends to die now, and so on a pile of paper, finally decided to let Beijing Tongchuang blue sky Cci Capital Ltd to enter the market of WeChat. Http://s.2v.cn/

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