Auto dealers caught in the dilemma of e commerce business into a good

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at present, as the auto dealers, especially as commercial vehicle parts distribution companies, both Auto Parts City "shop", auto parts on the street or in the domestic professional companies, provincial and municipal areas made large scale enterprises, most of them are business problems and development dilemma. The main reasons are as follows:

first: personnel technical level can not keep up with

as a result of the domestic models, and models change quickly, traders professional technical personnel can not keep up with the changes in models, training a new person is difficult, long time. In the current auto parts circulation to lower barriers to entry environment, company culture of mature business personnel after leaving his own shop, the company is relatively passive; at the same time the new generation of employees to more easily auto parts trading.

technical level has become the bottleneck of the development of traders.

second: scale dispersion, low level of internal management

more than 95% of the sales volume of less than 20 million parts traders, to improve the management level of the investment into the sales management software is only used by the book to play a single function, can not solve the problems in business process. The lack of information tools lead to inventory, to find serious unsalable, shipments, sales are sluggish due to unclear and many other issues, the enterprise internal information management has seriously hampered the development of.

third: low efficiency

Most of the current

trader, business or take home visit, telephone, QQ, fax communication, clear not to customers about products, will set the wrong goods, send the wrong goods, resulting in low efficiency of business.

fourth: low level of service

due to the lack of necessary tools and means, most traders can not provide timely and comprehensive information and services to customers, resulting in low level of customer service, low customer satisfaction.

e-commerce business into a good

the development and application of the Internet, penetrated into all walks of life, opened up a new channel for it. Cross regional, high efficiency, the advantages of mass information to help companies find new economic growth points in the new electricity supplier market, thus solving the problem of offline market development.

the past two years, the auto parts trading center of the Internet emerged, Didi auto mall is a new representative. Didi Auto Mall unique technology platform of vehicle accessories, electronic spare parts catalogue will be the latest and most complete integrated into the platform, at the same time, the detailed technical parameters of each parts (such as the original number, product pictures, models, specifications, size, scope and so on) a clear mark. Through technology platform, auto technology professionals can fast and accurate information for the latest and most comprehensive, professional technology can change promptly with the car type.

through the site, dealers can be more users to fully display their products, access >

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