Personalized service e commerce website of a ray of sunshine

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in the real market competition intensified, for those who are struggling to live trading enterprises, e-commerce website is undoubtedly occupy a favorable position Great trees are good for shade. ". It links the suppliers, customers, products three major consumption chain, or provide services, or provide a service based on the service, rather than directly invested a large amount of cost. Thus, to a certain extent, to avoid the risk of investment, but the profit is considerable. However, in the face of the current e-commerce website form boom, consumers fresh first has receded, passion is gradually cooled down, the electronic commerce website to share with this platform cornucopia a slice of the past is not an easy job to do.

how to get rid of the complicated and complicated e-commerce sites, is almost the first goal of the initial construction of each site, and throughout the entire process of construction, operation of the site. The major e-commerce sites have to find their own solution, and the final settlement of this problem is mostly focused on the personalized service this point. Because of the same level as the same type of website, they follow the same routine in the content and structure of basically, there is a big difference, such as the release of product information, build enterprise instant messaging, community shops, trading exchanges several plates. However, it is impossible to be qualitative and quantitative, which is the pursuit of personalized services of different e-commerce sites. Personalized service is the development of a new web site in the sun. For example, last year to personalized service network based on the environmental protection and economical burden, more easily, hold on to the consumer "idle goods" mood, provides a trading platform for "change" guest gens, this site not only benefit and a fire.

for me to work in the process of such a supermarket software industry website, how to play personalized service is not a small challenge. Compared to the comprehensive website, the industry website in the content and the structure of the difference is smaller, and the software industry website in the industry in the face of the competition is the most intense. In the face of such a situation of shortage, personalized service has become an important factor to the development of the website. Based on the program supermarket construction, operation of some of the specific experience, to do a good job in the software industry personalized service and some insights and summary.

we must make two preparations before we make a decision on a specific service. The first is to study customer motivation. The so-called personalized service is actually focusing on the customer’s personalized service, which requires us to understand the different customer’s purchase intention and the link of the purchase. For example, the buyer in the purchase of a software, they have the use of space and place the specific process may buy some of the complex, to the point, to provide customers with personalized service website based on easy and convenient. The second is to clear the site itself. We find in the path of personalized service, is to focus on the customer and not blindly follow the customer. According to the customer’s intention and attention as a link, an industry website can not do everything, even if is a comprehensive large >

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