4 million 340 thousand mobile phone sales Jingdong mobile phone 11 11 blowout miracle

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November 11, 2016 24:00, 11.11 mobile phone Jingdong official, ended successfully. Jingdong mobile phone communication category once again created a marketing miracle, in 11 days of the shopping spree, the cumulative sales exceeded 4 million 340 thousand units. From many domestic and foreign mobile phone brands across the board have a brisk contention of a hundred schools of thought, expression.


brand sales gratifying, HUAWEI Glory + strong reversal of the summit of

from the brand overall sales, HUAWEI + glory brand to become the biggest winner of the 11.11 mobile phone Jingdong, with sales of 1188938 units successfully reached the summit. It is worth mentioning that, released from the Jingdong of the daily sales report on the mobile phone, HUAWEI glory in cumulative sales ranking in November 10th also ranked second, only a day in November 11th, is a strong reversal, topped the final cumulative sales champion, showing its impressive skill accumulate steadily. Millet mobile phone 11 11 Jingdong performance in the same eye-catching, a way to occupy second place in the final stride forward singing militant songs, the cumulative sales list, sales of up to 1101938. Hot Apple occupy a total sales of third positions, sales reached 646080 units. Total sales of TOP 10 in several other brands, according to the rankings were Meizu, Samsung, LETV, 360, Nubian, OPPO and ZTE mobile phone.


brand sales, from November 1st to 11, has occupied the first place in the list of single day sales Apple no surprise to take off the title. HUAWEI glory followed, millet, Samsung, OPPO, Meizu, LETV, Nubian, 360, mobile phone vivo TOP 10 list have advance not resigned to playing second fiddle.


and sales growth in the list, 11 potential dark horse brand eye-catching. The top five Jin, OPPO, a plus, cool, hammer, an increase of more than 150%, the record is gratifying. Vivo, ZTE, HUAWEI + 360 mobile phone, glory, Nubian and Apple sales growth is also very obvious, can further make still further progress.

national mobile deserved, millet detonated the most fire models

from the mobile phone single product sales ranking, millet red rice Note3 national mobile Title worthy of the name, from a number of stars in a single product stand out, won the first prize. IPhone 7, 8, millet red rice Note4, glory 5C, glory smooth play millet red rice 3S, iPhone 7, Plus 5, iPhone 6 Plus glory play, glory play 5A all glory dengbang, as consumers in the mobile phone 11.11 Jingdong losing the election.


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