Organizational restructuring is far behind the knife wielding Ma behind

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recently, Ali conducted a number of dazzling restructuring and personnel appointments. From Taobao, Juhuasuan, Tmall, Zhang Jianfeng will start, Ali around each of the vertical integration and continuous dismantling business. There are internal needs, but also the general force.

no accident, Ali will continue to do a variety of architecture and personnel adjustments. The Internet giant, which was listed in September last year, is facing unprecedented crises and challenges.

is not far off, integration continues

Ali inside this uncommon, called "embrace change", it is "purification cycle". If the global market capitalization of nearly about 200000000000 dollars compared to the ecosystem, then every role in the ecosystem needs to evolve, otherwise it will be eliminated.

every fiscal year in March and April, Ali began purification system. In particular, the first fiscal year after the arrival of the listing, Ali expressed dissatisfaction with the past development of the company with practical action: whether it is people, performance, the situation, or this slightly bloated system.

said that the phenomenon and essence of the unity of opposites, reflecting the internal table of things and their relationship. Then, from the recent Ali presented in the public phenomenon began.

March 8th, the Alibaba announced, Tmall announced the dismissal of President Wang Yulei (nickname "Qiao Feng") post, Taobao CEO Zhang Jianfeng (nickname "epilepsy") as China retail platform (Taobao, Juhuasuan, Tmall) responsible person.

March 13th, Alibaba CEO Lu Zhaoxi internal mail appointment, Ali mobile business group president Yu Yongfu served as president of the, on the 31, once again be appointed president of Ali, mother of.

April 2nd, Ali set up an intelligent life division, to enter the field of intelligent life. Former director of Intelligent Cloud snow snow general manager.

April 8th, Ali announced the integration of its automotive related businesses set up Ali automotive division. The original Juhuasuan general manager Wang Licheng as the first general manager of business department.

In addition to these

was officially announced the adjustment of Alibaba, Amoy little interior modulation to be Alipay, Tmall international merger to Tmall, is also the only official announced that ali. And more packages within the system are not known to outsiders.

this is actually paying for "history". The past scattered in the overlap business division, lack of coordination, mutual friction dilemma or will improve.

growth slowed down, step by step force

stock price is a barometer of listed companies. Perhaps all the way down the stock price does not reflect the fundamentals of Ali, but the capital market is not satisfied with the status quo ali.

single brush is fake and difficult of the electricity supplier’s ills, but Ali impact on the first electricity supplier stocks should not be underestimated. And SAIC’s war of words, but also the focus of attention at home and abroad in Ali fakes

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