Lucky Cat nvoicing how fierce competition in the apparel industry to enhance performance

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clothing business best stage from 2002 to 2008, the time for many garment enterprises earning large quantities of gold each day. But in recent years, the electricity supplier impact on the traditional garment industry, and there is no market demand for explosive growth, leading garment enterprises to increase operating costs, some stores losses, then closed shop tide come in a throng.

garment industry closed shop tide so many people in the industry for clothing enterprises is not optimistic about the future survival, the survival of the store really is more difficult? There are many clothing practitioners said, can not be denied because of their poor operating conditions of market prospects.

in the increasingly fierce competition in the garment industry, how to find a new breakthrough? Let the performance greatly enhance the clothing store? In order to sell clothing, often take a variety of promotions, the most common is the price to attract customers. In fact, no matter what kind of promotion, ultimately to the consumer as the center. The store to increase customer stickiness, affiliate marketing is the key! Such as membership promotion, customer care, holiday card renewal, notify the supplier. If, according to the conditions of selected customer data short message, not only to achieve marketing results, and reflect customer care.

now more and more clothing companies / stores will choose an information management software to manage the store. As the history of the most simple Invoicing management software, the cat into the sales and marketing management, financial management, procurement management, inventory management, customer management, management of capital flow.

clothing industry is different from other industries, especially in the management of goods will involve the size, color, fabric and other information, customers in the choice of Invoicing software, the first thing to consider is the industry". Fortune Cat clothing version of the sale to support the multi color multi color management of science and technology, to support the use of a variety of promotional clothing stores, fool type label printing, convenient and time-saving. Customers can apply to the official website to download the official version of the cat, if the functions meet the needs of the store, and then buy!

on the recruit cat

cat is a professional for small and medium enterprises, the development of individual shops Invoicing management software, developed by China’s well-known software vendors Chi software. Software set "purchase", "sales", "inventory", "finance" in one. Lucky Cat Series Invoicing management software for garment, Medicine Edition, computer version, mobile phone version, baby version, food, building materials supermarket glasses version, edition, version, version agricultural version, dozens of versions of cosmetics. According to the characteristics of each industry, tailored to the user for the management software.

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