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[East] interpretation electricity supplier in the fall of 2013, when the electricity supplier Tencent (ECC) has not sold to the Jingdong, was actively considering the expansion of the category into fresh areas. Several colleagues scanned the electricity supplier headquarters of several major domestic fresh, easy fruit orchard every day, Wangzhu Tootoo, originally life network etc.. The east view, every orchard and Tootoo is the most worthy of investment, from the coverage of users and professional degrees, do better every day in the orchard. But from the fresh category operation, Tootoo is stronger, but also have stronger profitability and the threshold, the problem lies in the size of the problem difficult to solve, organic too high-end niche.

of course, the last one did not invest in Tencent, before the new year to Shanghai to see the orchard every day boss Wang Wei, was informed that Jingdong invested $100 million. Here again my orchard every day, do fresh electricity really burn another traffic fee! So Tootoo recommended


go right November 2014 East brother wrote a fresh article "fresh electricity supplier must answer four questions?"

The early stage of

, fresh, alive is king

The early stage of

fresh, although there may be force to become a leader, but in most cases become martyrs. For example, every orchard belong to the kind of force, a large number of capital subsidies, quickly became the leading role, but the other if using the same burn strategy is likely to become martyrs. Another strategy is to make money slowly, Tuotuo is fresh and organic started their own farm, can guarantee higher gross profit margins, according to new knowledge, Tootoo business is divided into two parts, one is the line of a farm. Online Tootoo gross profit rate is the highest fresh electricity inside, and is financially profitable, but in 2012 a friend Du Fei took over the rate of gross profit is negative, which directly reflects the manipulator operation ability. The farm workers is part of Tuotuo line more profitable, one is to do interactive farm income, there is a modern farm, the government to give subsidies. But before, Tootoo on the outskirts of Beijing, hundreds of acres of land, because the front-end sales difference, 2/3 is abandoned. A friend of Huang Gang in early 2014 wrote thousands of fresh electricity no one is making money, but according to me know, Tootoo is a very profitable fresh electricity supplier.

fresh electricity supplier supply chain, upstream arch

what is the core of fresh electricity supplier, many people’s first reaction is cold chain logistics, in fact, the supply chain. More high-quality goods, can reduce the loss, improve the user reputation, reduce the return rate, improve user retention rates. Closer to the upstream, but also to ensure a higher gross margin. According to Dong know, many fresh electricity to rapid expansion, to reduce the difficulty of the operation, and two dealers have chosen wholesale cooperation, gross margin decline is inevitable, also may not be able to guarantee the quality. Tootoo has 20% sales of own products, one part is combined with direct > Organic Farm

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