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[women’s Mall] recently interviewed a reporter who has 6 years of experience in the shop manager, online shop on the issue of dialogue. She repeatedly said, online shop, and other business activities from time to time, not It differs from man to man., to be copied.

reporter: online shopping an online shop, such as bamboo shoots after a spring rain facing employment problems, for many college graduates, free occupation who opened a shop, is indeed a good choice. Why is the shop so prosperous?


: if the financial conditions permit, I can assure you that few people are willing to work for others, and most people will choose to be their own boss. However, it is precisely the capital bottleneck, breaking many entrepreneurial dreams. The reason is because the popularity of online shop, online shop has some advantages:

one is relatively low cost. Many large shopping sites to provide rental shop is very low, and some even offer free, only charge a small fee and transaction fee goods shelves; shop can according to the customer’s order to purchase, not because the store takes up a lot of money; shop business is mainly carried out through the network, without water, electricity, management fees etc. the shop does not require special expenditure; always guard, save the manpower investment.

two is a flexible mode of operation. The shop’s business is operating with the help of the Internet, the operator can operate full-time, part-time or business, do not need someone to constantly guard, Business Hours is also more flexible, as long as the time of the visitors Advisory reply to.

three is an online shop is not subject to business hours, business location, business area of these traditional factors.

online shop, as long as the server is not a problem, can be 24 hours a day, 365 days a year non-stop operation, regardless of wind and rain, day and night, no person on duty at the store, can be business as usual, consumers can visit the web site at any time for shopping. Even if the shop operators in a small alley will not affect the operation of the shop, because no one can see your store is large or small, is the essence of coarse. The number of goods online shop will not be limited to the store as the network, as long as the operator is willing, the shop can put thousands of kinds of goods.

four is a wide range of online consumers. As long as the Internet crowd, are likely to become commercial visitors and buyers, as long as the shop commodity characteristics, publicity properly, reasonable price, good management, shop every day there will be traffic good, greatly increase sales opportunities, and achieved good sales revenue.

reporter: it seems that online shop is indeed very attractive. However, I heard a shop in the life cycle of only about half a year, many people did not open shop until the "deadline" is the emerge of itself and perish of itself this is why,


weeks lady: you said the phenomenon of half a year, in fact, in other areas of the same business. It is not to say that the shop cycle is only half a year

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