Crazy burn praised the second hand car business was hit sedative

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in the second group, after the classification of information and other fields, many users began to find second-hand car electricity supplier has become the most frequent eye to seize the internet. A large amount of marketing costs in return for consumers to use second-hand car electricity supplier’s attention, but it can not change the market share.

recently, Analysys think tank released 2015 annual report of the second-hand car electricity supplier industry. Data show that second-hand car electricity supplier transaction size has exceeded one million, to maintain rapid growth. And let the market surprise is that last year the mad burn advertising nouveau riche, excellent letter only second-hand car market share ranked second, seeds and everyone car the annual size of the transaction were not in the top four, while the top is the car easy to shoot for. The law of the Internet from the crazy burn to seize the market, second-hand car business is not crazy burn burn out the real market share.

advertising agency PK but pragmatic

report shows that last year China used car business platform transaction size reached 1 million 12 thousand, the growth rate of nearly 70%. Market share, the car is easy to shoot the lead to 35.2%, excellent letter shot followed by 27.9%; and the safety car, car sharing took rapid development in three or four, and the seeds and all other car enterprises scraping the remaining 21%.

data from the point of view, last year bash nearly 5 hundred million excellent letter of second-hand car only ranked second, while the same pay advertising large seeds and everyone was not in the top four. The car, senior vice president Han Guangyu said in the interview: "a lot of advertising to attract consumers to experience and establish the brand of consumer psychology, or through good service and experience to build the brand, this is two different strategies." It is obvious that the second-hand car electricity supplier has been divided into advertising and pragmatic faction two camps. From the third party data, the obvious to the car easy to shoot a good car safely, and take the car to enjoy the pragmatic represented stronger.

it is undeniable that last year, 3 second-hand car electricity supplier into large-scale advertising, which brought huge traffic growth, and high degree of concern has also benefited from the relevant industries. As early as last August, excellent letter second-hand car reached 180 million yuan strategic cooperation with Iqiyi, 2016 Iqiyi big data marketing festival held in the day before, Iqiyi revealed that Iqiyi currently has more than 28 million users, an increase of 30% over last year.

O2O service capability is the key

education market has also been "market education". Insiders said that similar to other areas of O2O, online burn more of a brand promotion, the next line resources service capabilities will undoubtedly be more critical.

due to the use of the car itself has a car situation characteristics, second-hand car electricity supplier more emphasis on the line under the vehicle detection, evaluation and after-sales service outlets, more dependent on the layout of the line under the O2O model. In order to rank the first car easy to shoot, for example, public information shows that its line of service outlets up to more than 1 thousand and 600, more than 2000 service personnel, professional inspection of its own

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