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this time to buy foreign host package more and more, a barrier and payment is first placed in front of us, most of the United States host can only purchase by credit card, convenient payment. For this reason, a lot of people in the United States are from domestic companies or individuals to buy, can not enjoy the quality of service and superior performance of the u.s.. Since Godaddy announced support for Alipay, we finally see the dawn, the host can also use Alipay payment, can also use the RMB to buy.

which host the United States supports Alipay? After Wu Yu to host the United States Alipay commercial interface and domestic businesses are not the same, but the so-called foreign merchant payment interface, at the time of payment, the customer payment of RMB, while Alipay will exchange RMB for dollars paid to the host. Because of this understanding the foreign businessmen, but also need to set the opening fee of $1000, so the choice of Alipay is not much. After all around me, also thanks to the webmaster Encyclopedia of desert and Alipay officials to help lone wolf, finally determined: the current global payment support Alipay hosts the United States a total of three, namely ixwebhosting Godaddy HostEase.

IXWebHosting is the first to support Alipay payment from Alipay hosts the United States, the official log can be confirmed. According to informed sources, in fact, the first is the LunarPages and Alipay signed a contract, but do not know what the reason is, Alipay has not integrated, let IX grab the first. IXWebHosting now has Chinese station, it is said that this month will launch Chinese customer service, is really the first robbed. More about IX please to my station or directly to the Chinese station see

Godaddy also supports Alipay, because GoDaddy is the world’s largest domain name registrar, just added support for Alipay’s time, caused a great sensation in China, even a lot of people do not understand the industry to butt, make a comment. But I understand the current situation, the integration of Alipay and Christmas promotions and domestic no association, is just the market behavior of Godaddy. Godaddy on the introduction of your reference:

third is, I do not know much about this, after a query, the server is using SoftLayer, which is the United States host detective room, domestic access speed. They provide only the Linux host, the control panel is cPanel, the front two panels are not cPanel, it is quite clever. According to common sense, the United States host with cp>

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