Tencent stake Jingdong landing the threat to the Alibaba how much

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this morning (March 10), the Tencent announced the purchase of Jingdong listed in the top 15% of the ordinary shares in the Jingdong after the completion of the listing of Jingdong will acquire 5% of the outstanding shares, the total stake does not exceed 25%, to ensure the control of Liu Qiangdong Jingdong. This message can be described as a heavy bomb commercial electricity.

last week, I wrote "the transformation of" Empire State Economic Tencent, said Tencent is moving towards market economy from planned economy, control of the bank (WeChat pay TenPay), social relationships chain (WeChat, QQ, QQ space) and other core resources, stripping their non dominant resources, by way of shareholding and professional company with the operation, so as to expand the economic territory of the Tencent. So, Tencent shares Jingdong is undoubtedly the new economic version of the picture on the Tencent a thick pen.

first, the right stake in Jingdong

selected before the listing of Jingdong, the purchase of 15% of the shares, Tencent this time point of choice is very clever. On the one hand, you can reduce the cost of shares, but also can play an inhibitory role in the future listing plan for Alibaba, Alibaba may reduce the valuation.

secondly, revitalize the electricity supplier assets

Tencent has been a breakthrough in the hope that the electricity supplier, from Pat QQ mall, to the other group purchase shares Gao Peng net, then to a wholly-owned acquisition of Yi Xun, the Tencent moves frequently, but has been unable to obtain a breakthrough. Specialize in Tencent, the advantage in the electricity supplier, abundant flow cannot push proprietary business to take root, rely on Jingdong can revitalize the Tencent acquisition business assets, QQ mall with easy fast follow-up may be incorporated into the Jingdong, Jingdong have become a huge giant shoulder C2C and B2C business.

again, to become WeChat payment fast development booster

if the original Taobao is Alipay’s powerful booster, the premise is Taobao. Then, after the shares of the Jingdong, the Jingdong will become WeChat paid booster of rapid development, the current Jingdong annual turnover of up to 100 billion B2C, occupy more than 15% market, is one of the largest B2C platform behind Tmall. And Tmall’s commodity quality issues, business control, short board on the logistics, so that Jingdong is more attractive.

once WeChat paid access to Jingdong, then the Tencent own bank — WeChat payment can be fast, compared to spend hundreds of millions of yuan in terms of engaging in a taxi, this about 1000000000 yuan of investment worth more. Third party payment is a strong symbol of the popularity of the application level, WeChat payment is a priority to popularize the Tencent. WeChat red envelopes, spend money to take a taxi, if it is to help pay for WeChat to do a big advertising, then Jingdong shares will undoubtedly be paid directly to the practical use of WeChat.

at the same time, Jingdong mobile providers plan to fully implement

Jingdong has built a set of electronic business platform, logistics platform, including the imperfect industry chain, the lack of a strong closed-loop payment tools, but also the lack of layout on the mobile electricity supplier. WeChat paid up

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