26 courier companies hand in hand to create a platform for rural electricity providers on behalf of

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to solve the "last mile" delivery problems, and actively promote the express service extends downward, in the coordination of Hangzhou Postal Bureau, Hangzhou City Post Office to make full use of the postal service platform, its service network, network covering the whole advantage of success and 26 courier companies, to build "countryside electricity generation investment platform".

Since the beginning of 2013

to build up the blank Township Bureau, Fuyang spring Hangzhou Jian Xiang post for the local villagers to provide letters, print, parcels, postal remittance business, and set up ATM convenient for residents to apply for financial services. It is worth mentioning that, in addition to traditional postal services, local postal and courier companies also carry out cooperation in rural areas on behalf of the cast courier services, courier companies will not come to express delivery by the postal company in remote rural areas within the stipulated time delivery to the designated branches, the postman delivered to the village through the rural postman. Chun Jian Xiang is one of them, including 4 rural routes, covering 6 villages, including Chun Jian Xian Kang, two administrative villages to cast a large amount of 1-3 April totaled more than 70 pieces of mail on behalf of the cast.

at the end of March 2015, the rhyme, in the pass, Huitong 26 express enterprises successful hand post company, to build "the rural electricity supplier on behalf of investment platform". Through this platform, the daily courier companies will not be able to express home delivery in remote rural transport to the postal company, by the postal company within the stipulated time delivery to the designated branch or village post, Camp Village postman or investment personnel responsible for the delivery to the user. As of the end of March the platform delivery amount has reached 124 thousand and 600, to make up for the short board express enterprises lack of rural network in rural areas, to achieve "express door-to-door service".


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