The implementation of the real name system will encounter what obstacles

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October 22nd, the Ministry of public security on the website released the latest announcement, courier real name system has begun to implement. This message immediately attracted the attention of the courier industry, the rapid rise of electricity supplier in the country, then led the booming development of the courier industry. It is reported that the number of couriers has reached 2 million, courier services has become a sunrise industry. But the courier industry practitioners and the quality of dragons and fishes jumbled together, uneven in quality on the courier’s occupation training, not enough. At present, the domestic well-known courier companies have Shen Tong, SF, Qualcomm, etc., in addition to other small courier companies.


must be supported by the express industry and cooperate with

express real name system requires real name registration package, so that it will increase the cost of operation invisible. Courier companies from the profit and cost considerations, the implementation of the enthusiasm is not high, but the real name system can really bring a lot of benefits to consumers. Through detailed security and real name system, to ensure the safety of the express, but must be accompanied by courier companies. In recent years, due to the courier service has caused more and more consumer disputes, this huge industry urgently needs industry regulations, in order to plan all courier companies. However, the need to step up remediation, not across the board.

real name system how to protect personal privacy

express real name system involved in the process of consumer privacy information, including real name, phone number, home address, etc.. If the information is leaked, it will give consumers a lot of trouble. Express real name system must protect the user’s personal privacy, how to prevent user privacy is not compromised. The key is the professional quality of practitioners, as well as the supervision of the relevant staff. Now the reselling of consumer information data is a common phenomenon, some businesses or companies will buy the mobile phone number, and then carry out a series of marketing and promotion.

express industry chaos governance needs

due to the parcel is damaged, or even lost, triggering a dispute between consumers and courier companies. Some of the low quality of the courier will direct away valuable parcel, mainly express the company’s responsibility. No management of the company’s employees, the lack of Vocational training. In addition, the presence of widespread violence in the courier industry phenomenon, resulting in a number of parcels damaged, the final injury or ordinary consumers. In the courier industry chaos, the relevant departments should timely shot remediation, the real name system can stop the chaos in the industry to a certain extent. However, the implementation of the implementation process still need to do a good job of supervision.

express real name system, the network real name system, mobile phone card real name system, in the era of real name system, how to ensure the privacy of consumers and users. Then the rigorous process also need high quality practitioners, otherwise reselling user data privacy phenomenon will always exist. A single express contains too many consumer privacy information, it is bound to cause widespread concern online shopping crowd.

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