Network network combined with Penfolds Penfolds price detonated fans Festival

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by LETV sponsored "919 fans Festival" panic buying soon! As the holding’s network network break limit, subvert the industry, given the lowest price in the history of fans feedback, only a day in September 19th. Network network to strategic partner, the world famous wine merchant TWE rich city’s Penfolds launched Penfolds fans special area. After the use of cash straight cut coupons, Penfolds rich Bin2 paid the price of only 69 yuan, Bin28 paid the price of only 129 yuan


Australia wine King strong price is known, the two sides jointly "flesh", more remarkable! Classic, limited panic buying, miss September 19th, perhaps another year!


in the history of the lowest price: the Australian wine aristocracy Penfolds Ben Fu

the intensity of the event, in the wine circle is unprecedented!

familiar with Penfolds Ben rich people know, Penfolds Ben Fu Bin series products around the world can find its shadow. Penfolds Bin2 Wine Shiraz, has been more than half a century, it is the wine into the perfect cup, medium thickness, bright color, soft palate; Penfolds rich Bin28 model, Australia warm areas of Shiraz fruit. The palate is strong, the first people can feel the elegant characteristics of Bin28. In addition, there is also an area of Penfolds Fu Fu Fu Bin389 real price of 349 yuan, Bin407 paid a real price of $349, all to the benefits of


strategic cooperation: joint efforts to build a casual life experience affecting the user

In fact,

, Penfolds and LETV, Penfolds and network network cooperation is not a matter of chance. According to the global market changes, TWE has introduced new measures for brand building and market development, intention through the online platform to gather more young users. Music as a whole eco industrial chain business model, and a strong user, media, stars, business collaboration resources, is the basis for cooperation between the two sides.

in March this year, with the signing of TWE network network China area strategic cooperation, officially sold its Penfolds Penfolds Bin series products. With the help of music as ecological resources, network network become at the beginning of Chinese strategic transformation. A series of actions to help TWE increase distribution channel optimization, enhance brand influence in china. Stakeholders said: the future will strengthen the depth of cooperation, we can wait and see!

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