Pig CMS life through O2O system website data statistics and analysis of new features

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The strongest data in the history of

statistics appeared! The most comprehensive, most considerate, the most detailed statistical data in the pig CMS life through the O2O system appeared!


user statistics


this includes the national user statistics, regional users at a glance.

business statistics


business statistics straightforward to see regional property business platform, to join the next planning is a very important reference.

national merchants fans ranked


merchant fans can see the platform of the number of fans, the volume of high volume of fans and low volume of fans to take a different response to the program. (support, encouragement, incentives, etc., pay service is also a good income oh…)

national consumption statistics


relative to user statistics, the statistics are more accurate to the project. Can understand the regional characteristics of the group, the development of marketing strategies, and thus improve the overall consumption of the platform.

national fast store consumer statistics


fast shop as a key application of the O2O platform, naturally need to separate statistics. You can see from the statistical chart which areas are more welcome in the form of fast store consumption.

stores nationwide consumer statistics


national store consumption statistics have been detailed to the specific month, not only can be seen in the country’s consumer spending in the region, but also in accordance with the consumer to observe fluctuations in the month, so as to make countermeasures.

national district payment statistics


national district payment statistics project, with our platform for community service functions, the statistics of the city’s district payment situation, as well as the payment of specific project content.

national consumption statistics


reservation function is also a key feature of our platform, so the national regional consumer statistics is necessary, but also accurate to the month.


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