Electricity supplier sellers how to play the first battle of the new spring

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March coincided with the spring season, Taobao traffic gradually picked up, the volume also gradually recovery. This time is the seller after a winter, good time to start to flex its muscles. Especially women because of seasonal goods sellers, obviously, in the years after the first battle in the spring, more need to grasp the selection and promotion of new spring. If you want to catch the tail of the spring season, winning a quarter, it must be in the heart after cengcengbaguan. In simple terms, is to choose from a promotion off each link with the commodity cycle change action.

pre selection

Seasonal and fashion

dress goods is very strong, once the season or out of date, the buyer will be gradually forgotten, out of the market, so in the early stage of the new women, need to do a preparatory work for large selections, as far as possible to ensure that the new will be accepted and favored by buyers.


When the

distribution of new products, each seller can prepare a small amount of inventory (according to different circumstances), then observe the natural views and volume production of baby, explosion of commodities, for those buyers concerned about the relatively low degree of products can choose not to continue production in order to avoid the backlog of inventory. Medium fire explosion

The new

distribution, the next is the main one of the extended nature. You can use the following measure:


1, the use of free flow screening burst;

2, insert the hard wide open up the flow of various channels, so that the explosion is more explosive;

3, associated with decentralized traffic.

first recruit: free drainage, test explosion

new businesses, the seller should not immediately rush to open the introduction of traffic. Because one of the 0 popular turnover of 0 of the evaluation of the goods for other sales, buyers need to accept it, the time and cost will be longer and more. So if you just buy money on the shelves, in fact, ROI is quite low. You can first micro-blog, forums, beauty, mogujie.com and other SNS promotion, will be pushed to new customers.


For example, women’s clothing store

MISSIN, is the first in a new front to find a good forum and blogger or mogujie.com Master, in new shelves, by their new product promotion, such operations push goods more effectively than their affinity. After a single user to see the high popularity of recommended products, natural interest in new products will be relatively strong, increasing the amount of travel is bound to drive sales and collections.


second strokes: hard wide boost, burst more explosive

when the goods after the seller’s screening, will form a burst of money and cold, and therefore should be >

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