The seven Taobao shop and pat micro shop competition

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last year, double eleven, Taobao Tmall mobile terminal transactions accounted for more than 42.6% mobile providers witnessed the arrival of the historic moment, just a few days ago, Taobao officially launched the sellers in the wireless end strategic tool Taobao shop ", but this time, Ali is slow clap step, as early as last year’s double eleven, pat on the launch of the micro shop began to test the mobile terminal.

, however, from the analysis of the current market competition pattern, the previous electricity supplier who is almost App PC end will be shifted to the mobile terminal, did not show the unique differences, while the mobile terminal is the first innovation, both occupy a monopoly market share of Taobao Tmall, also from July last year, a strong return to the mobile terminal further pat, they in the layout of the mobile terminal campaign has just begun, is worthy of careful study.

one, the flow of contention: Taobao wins in the moment, pat wins in the future


shop acquisition has two dimensions, one is the original Taobao mobile terminal tens of millions of active users is two, each store has a unique ID number and two-dimensional code, the merchant can be this information posted on micro-blog, WeChat and other social platforms, users can directly search or scan the QR code direct digital store. Pat micro shop in addition to the original user, also has a Jingdong, QQ, WeChat and other channels of traffic supply, and can share a key to the WeChat micro shop goods, circle of friends, QQ space, QQ, SMS, micro-blog and other social platforms, even can directly copy the link.

is also formed a closed loop flow, set up shop Taobao ID shop is actually a copy of the Alipay red play, WeChat broke the limit, but must be through the Taobao App to scan code and search it and pat micro shop share a key, a bit cumbersome compared to direct a lot, destined to discount effect. It can be said that the flow of the dispute, Taobao wins in the possession of the user itself has brought instant conversion, and pat is a huge potential users in the conversion, it can be said that the beat is in the future.

two, C2C quality control: Pat small but highlight the advantages of

build a platform is the key to achieve the "no responsibility", that is to say the platform play the role of the rule makers, rather than participants in the game, such as Taobao, Tmall, Jingdong POP open platform (non self), or can not avoid fake, because as long as the platform can not be all like as these goods import mode test, so it is difficult to guarantee the quality. Therefore, under the mode of C2C Taobao shop and pat micro shop is also facing the problem of quality control.

now, Taobao stores and user volume are higher than pat, which means the need to invest more manpower and money in the quality control, but the actual effect is not good to see fake. Pat Taobao small volume users compared has become an advantage of counterfeiting, owner of Jingdong for many years accumulated in the 3C appliance management operation experience and fake punishment mechanism, copy to pat here is very effective. In addition, pat micro shop in the payment page provided >

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