Taobao secret plan third vertical platform involved in the home improvement industry

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August 27th news on August 27th, sources said, Taobao mall following the digital electrical Museum, the famous shoe museum, is secretly planning third vertical platform home decoration. Taobao declined to comment on this rumor.

according to DoNews users reflect, Taobao two domain has quietly jumped to point to the Taobao mall home channel. Currently, Taobao mall home channel has been set up in all aspects of home improvement service sub channel, but the channel is also limited to the corresponding commodity classification stage.

sources said, red Macalline and other building materials city and part of the decoration company is planning to Taobao mall. This means that the future of Taobao mall home improvement Museum involves not only for home improvement products, but also may become a platform for the decoration of service transactions. Analysis of the industry, Taobao mall vertical strategy has been clear, digital electrical Museum, the famous shoe museum has also been on the line, into the vertical field is more than a matter of time. (end)

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