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May 17th, "2016 Ali mother symposium held in Hangzhou, around the" data empowerment, marketing wisdom "theme, the mom in addition to publishing strategic planning this year, also issued a centralized marketing product matrix for businesses, media, partners, to raise the efficiency of businesses, media and partners.

data show that the Alibaba has now not only plays the business platform role, but also has a strong media properties, is regarded as a gathering of hundreds of millions of active users, with media matrix depth user stickiness, distance, mass consumption decision recent exposure.

relies on these media platform this year, Ali mother force launched a new "brand marketing, product marketing treasure platform, include" brand zone "," night screen "and a series of brand marketing for the brand building products, the main product effect one promotion positions.

is not only the electricity supplier, but also the media

according to statistics, in 2015 the number of active users Alibaba 407 million, covering 98.5% of China’s Internet shopping crowd. Among them, mobile monthly active users reached 393 million, accounting for the entire Chinese mobile phone users of the, which means that more than 60% of Chinese mobile phone users are active users of Taobao or Tmall mobile terminal.

data show that the average daily active users of Taobao mobile terminal over 110 million, only double the same day on, Taobao daily active buyers up to 180 million. Here are the depth of hundreds of millions of users, is not only the purchase of goods, but spend tens of minutes or even longer time to browse the brand information, looking for new things, to share the brand experience — has become a China gathering billion active users of the network community.

users online shopping from the early pure behavior to "Taobao" habit formation, Taobao has not only played the role of electronic business platform, with media properties, for brand exposure display, interactive communication, brand education, can be regarded as the gathering crowd, Yong Youhai 100 exposure media platform.

brand area to build brand display positions


"brand zone" capable of carrying more rich brand display form, provide "brand exposure, brand experience, brand activities, product exhibition" in one of the pure brand multidimensional experience for the audience, to create the first brand impression.

audience through the search for brand words or category expansion words in Taobao, triggering the brand in the first place under the first screen search bar display. Brand area occupy the first screen screen 30%, the first impact of vision, brand color value stand out, matching the brand identity and tonality, to create brand official positions.

each search trigger "brand zone" entrance, on brand image input display, highlighting the brand official authority at the same time, can easily click links to the official flagship store brand or other station page, relying on large data Ali through consumer line.

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