Alipay VS bank war is the outcome of upgrading the three kingdoms or the reunification of the world

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March 26th, Alipay announced on its official website, if the user bank card to open fast payment, prompt signing failed because the bank contracted limit, the user is changing the card. In 24, the bank has gradually shut down Alipay in the ICBC system fast payment interface number, the bank has a quick payment service interface number branches from 5 reduced to 1, received by the head office of special maintenance authority unified and arranged to Alipay’s Zhejiang branch and management. To yesterday, Alipay and ICBC confrontation upgrade again.

ICBC limit interface or allow unified fast payment interface into a trend

in the chaos war, fast payment interface has been managed by a number of bank branches, different business, different regions of the management of different fast payment service interface. But in fact, before the average consumer is not too clear about the process of fast payment, but also do not know whether the rapid payment of the user’s account security will be affected. Six carbon network that ICBC Zhejiang branch will be devoted to the maintenance and management of the interface, is conducive to the safety protection of customer transactions, because of all the different service interface management will be more easily and controlled by a system, especially the monitoring of the risk of high efficient payment payment mode.

although it is only the industrial and commercial bank for quick payment management were unified, but ICBC as one of the four largest banks, each of his every act and every move will affect other banks, so the six carbon network that quick payment interface unified have great opportunities will become a trend.


VS commercial bank, which side are you

?Industrial and Commercial Bank of

that Alipay fast payment security risks, so as to protect the safety of consumers banner, reduce or close the Alipay quick payment service interface number on the grounds, Alipay quick payment limit, and then unified interface management.

Alipay counter ICBC quick payment, very safe, in the past three years, the use of fast pay shopping accounted for 60% in the number of electronic business platform, users fast payment is very convenient, no need to jump through online banking, pay only need to enter the password can be completed, a very high degree of experience. In the past few years, due to the fast payment security incidents are not many. The bank in the past few years has the default user fast payment, now Alipay questioned illegal, then the bank is to break the law.

line from the user’s point of view that fast payment security, Alipay from the user’s point of view that fast payment experience is very high, but also very safe. Don’t know which side to see where you support? Six carbon network that Alipay and Alipay just because the core interests of guild strikes have hit the bank counter, don’t worry that Alipay will become aggravated, as for a variety of said unsafe or what other reasons are just an excuse. But in terms of individual users, fast payment Alipay does give users bring a lot of convenience, the Internet era should have Internet era vision >

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