More than 8 thousand courier began grading management express Association said free assessment

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yesterday, the State Post Bureau issued a formal rating of express delivery enterprises "management measures (Trial)", more than 8 thousand national express enterprises will be in accordance with the service evaluation, service timeliness, quality of personnel comprehensive conditions, divided into five-star, four-star, Samsung, two four grades.

"measures" from the date of promulgation. The State Post Bureau relevant responsible person said that the "measures" introduced, is to allow consumers to distinguish the express service level, can according to their actual situation and the expected value of the choice of courier services, get value for money.

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courier companies began to sub star

according to the "measures", the courier companies will according to the scale of enterprises is divided into A type, B type, C type and D type four grades, and according to the quality of service is divided into five-star, four-star, Samsung, two four grades. Among them, the scale of grading according to the business volume, operating income, network coverage and other comprehensive self condition, A, business volume reached more than 450 million; the annual business income must reach 10 billion yuan; for covering more than 25 provinces (autonomous regions and municipalities) proprietary network.

for the most concerned about the star rating, evaluation factors include public service evaluation, service time, personnel quality and information management and other comprehensive conditions. Five star the highest annual express service overall satisfaction score of 73 points or more required; the brand within the network, the focus of inter city express the entire time is 72 hours on time ratio above 95%; millions express user complaints effectively in the following 10 days; 8:00 to 16:00 on the door Lanshou period of time not to exceed 2 express delivery hours; arrive at the site working day 8:00 to 16:00 hours, not more than 3 hours to complete the designated place of delivery time; year-round holidays, business outlets, transportation network and the information network to maintain normal operation etc..

on the implementation of this approach, the reporter learned that China Express association is developing rules, the first batch of enterprises is expected to assess the results will be completed next year. In addition, this approach is for the provinces (autonomous regions and municipalities) rating of the express delivery business enterprise. For the city express, in the province (area, city) within the scope of the enterprise rating, as well as the operation of international and Hong Kong, Macao and Taiwan express business rating will be conducted in the future.

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part of the courier company said it would fight for early evaluation of

online shopping platform


has said the company will strive for early evaluation

"we made a comparison, according to the star standard, we have four stars relative to the two indicators are not enough, we will apply for the four stars, for next year to comment on." Yesterday, the JINGWAH CEO Chen Xianbao told Times reporter, express enterprise star, will produce natural selection results in the industry.

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