The ten thing let you read APEC cross border electricity supplier hot

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introduction: 2014 APEC informal leadership meeting has been completed. Throughout this APEC summit, the hotly debated topic, the most eye-catching is the Asia Pacific economic integration, especially in a number of occasions, representatives of many countries have paid great attention to multilateral trade, which Chinese cross-border electricity supplier representatives in the general assembly during active performance, result sparked great interest to delegates.

as the APEC Business Advisory Council (ABAC), APEC and Entrepreneurs Committee of small and medium sized enterprises service alliance’s first presidency, Dunhuang founder CEO Wang Shutong attended the meeting, the Internet financial cooperation, cross-border electricity supplier training and other exciting content, and become Chinese on the most popular female entrepreneurs.

then the APEC China during the year, said the cross-border electricity supplier what content, we have to rise up posture


1, CBET was included in the Nanjing declaration, the leaders of the various economies

September 5th, the APEC SME Ministerial Conference held in Nanjing, CBET was included in the Nanjing declaration, and reported to the leaders of the APEC economies. From South Korea, Malaysia, Philippines, Hongkong, China, Papua, New Guinea, Mexico, Peru, the Minister of small and medium enterprises to the Dunhuang network issued an invitation to the local CBET project.

2, the finance ministers’ speech, Internet financial concepts Yujingsizuo

October 22nd, 2014 APEC Finance Ministers Meeting (APEC) held in Beijing, Dunhuang network founder, CEO Wang Shutong as APEC Business Advisory Council (ABAC) Chinese representative invited lectures, the theme of Chinese in the field of Internet financial innovation and practice. After listening to the APEC finance ministers and financial representatives, feel fresh, very exciting in China’s ideas and models.

3, APEC • Mulan exchange forum, showing the charm of female entrepreneurs leadership

November 6th, "and the world of common words, Mulan power" — APEC. Magnolia forum held in Beijing, sponsored by APEC Business Advisory Council (ABAC) China representative, vice president of APEC women’s forum, Dunhuang network founder, CEO Wang Shutong and Chinese entrepreneurs Mulan sinks joined together, the forum attracted the United States, Australia, Canada, Indonesia, Malaysia, Brunei and other economies on behalf of more than 50 ABAC, and nearly 30 people from the China Mulan sinks outstanding women entrepreneurs, the bursting. Dialogue with enthusiasm, two hours of conversation still enough, near the end there are many guests want to share. It is interesting to note that the forum also brings together the ABAC men’s representatives, a growing number of men around the world recognize that women are a major economic force can not be ignored.


4, APEC dinner, >

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