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now, almost everyone can easily cite a few pieces of home idle items, these items most value has not been fully used, and with the deepening impact of the domestic Internet and the rapid development of Western unused goods consumption concept of people, more and more people begin to realize the value of idle second-hand goods. According to the 58 city and Ganji data show that in 2016 the monthly publication in two on the platform of idle second-hand goods trading information over 5 million, and this data in the past years has maintained more than 50% year-on-year growth. It can be seen that the potential of the huge online idle trading market has entered the start-up period.

background of the current domestic idle second-hand goods consumption is based on the popularity of the CO produced by the 58 city and Ganji professional idle trade APP "around", in May 25th officially launched the "525 round of secondary trading day". All participating users can not only enjoy the high delivery envelopes in mobile phone, digital, clothing shoes and hats and baby products and other major trading category, there will be great efforts to consumer subsidies. "The 5 representatives to the 525 is 5to5, meaning the goods transfer from the hands to the other hands, you idle" old love "may become another person, which is a manifestation of" new love "advocated by the green around the concept of a healthy life." Chen Lu, director of the introduction of the product to introduce the origin of the secondary section.


bid farewell to old love meet new love professional platform on secondary economic gate

it is understood that around APP from just six months on the line last year, the peak daily active users exceeded 5 million, day trading orders and maintain a peak of 100 thousand, the monthly growth rate of over 30%, has become one of the first national trading platform idle.

although the concept of idle transactions has been gradually recognized and accepted, but contributed to more efficient transactions between users, but also need to provide more professional services for the specificity of the secondary category. For example, through the analysis of background data, around APP in view of the current transaction frequency is highest, the largest trading volume of iPhone mobile phone, to create its own professional service team – around products, for the user’s mobile phone identification, assessment, maintenance and sales service, the current number of cumulative purchase and sale of mobile phone has more than one million taiwan. "Professional idle secondary trading platform for the development of the current idle trading market is of great significance. Professional services can really help users solve the problems encountered in the course of the transaction, the development of the industry plays a direct role in promoting. The future we will for more secondary trading in the category the user pain points, such as large goods transportation, large appliances dismantling, solution "gradually to provide users with a more professional for idle second-hand goods trading, Chen Lu told reporters.

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