Electricity supplier behind the interests of the game and the interests of the people to fight for p

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In fact, after the

of China’s electricity supplier taxation is not in motion during the Zhang Jindong NPC and CPPCC began to carry out, in fact earlier for the Taobao shop to provide the invoice tax policy has been in the attempt to tax electricity supplier, but because the Zhang Jindong name loud enough, plus there is a giant retail line. So Zhang Jindong’s proposal to let people unlimited reverie, one of which is the abuse of power, to combat online buyers through the introduction of business tax, so as to enhance their offline store sales.

electricity supplier tax behind the interests of the game

Fair act

Zhang Jindong thrown in the ocean at the same stage, an electricity supplier relatively developed countries launched the electricity supplier tax case seems to be perfectly logical and reasonable, but also the introduction of American business tax after several years of groundless talk, until May this year, was formally implemented, but a careful analysis of business tax principle of the United States, annual sales of discontent $1 million in small sellers can get tax breaks, the amplitude of C2C in China to make businesses feel excited.

but in fact if China’s electricity supplier taxation this tax is not set to the bottom line, then the sales of more than 20 thousand yuan for the threshold, then the C2C shop will feel great pressure for survival, and for the mall websites but is not affected by the electricity supplier taxed, because these businesses already because business platform of tax behavior into the cost of sales, and ultimately hurt the electricity supplier taxation is a large number of businesses from the C2C platform.

Of course, if the

for this part of the business tax, do show tax is unfair, because the same goods, online sales need to collect taxes, but to the online free, it is contrary to the principle of fairness, but it is because of the online sales price is relatively cheap, it is a benefit to the people’s behavior. This is actually to promote the foundation of our business development, if only to the principle of tax fairness, Zhang Jindong small abacus I’m afraid to fail, because suning.com and Suning line agencies competing business platform did not get business tax incentives.

compete with the people to continue to pay dividends or

many industry experts said, now for the electricity supplier industry, taxation, is undoubtedly a kind of compete with the people’s behavior, because as a C2C platform for businesses, there are quite a number of shop sales to reach Small and micro businesses threshold, so in this context would have some benefit back to the state, state support the construction of this part of the tax cost, but actually is not low, so the state and not a lot of profit, and now the current electricity supplier tax has not promulgated the key lies in the threshold setting.

it can reflect the national decision-making departments of wisdom, is a combination of American electricity supplier threshold setting is set according to the situation of our country, still can make nothing of it but I think that if, to the threshold of 20 thousand yuan of tax levy business, it is undoubtedly on the electricity supplier’s cruel blow, but as for the $1 million threshold >

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