A particular domain name after the earthquake

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in a few hours after the 512 earthquake in the earthquake, almost all related names are registered, and the registration time is generally 512, three in the afternoon I didn’t know the earthquake, it was work, is to know in a brother in Hechuan sent a message to my mobile phone. In N, a phone call, just home to see the news online.

at 68 o’clock on the web here, see someone in that note domain just thought of oneself is a small part of the rice farmers, check the relevant meters, see scdizhen meters are not boiled boiled down, said honestly, originally started to cook not to make you (don’t hit me, minon usually think so), but in the future, a little later, I opened the stiff Sichuan my brother’s phone, I decided I should point to the disaster areas for what.

originally oneself is a millet farmer is a webmaster (although not good, but also as a site for a few years, but now, Quanxing interest type) has been only a garbage station (stock www.laichaogu.com) originally this is for their own interest in the play, remembered her brother said and when there is a message, online time to fly the same pictures and news, I thought of as a minon and at the same time, the station is under the condition of what to do, for the space station to pick up the video before (to show off www.qushow.com) replaced after the new program, change the station name, began to turn. Find a friend ah, the disaster data of eleven points on the night, Sichuan Earthquake Network (scdizhen.com) is made up, put a few meters to originally want to sell here, note: scdizhen.com scdizhen.cn wcdizhen.cn meters in total to the com want to cook, but Feel better than scdizhen..Com, which is good, ha ha, now this meter will not sell, all for the disaster stand.

a minon so to conquer the earthquake.

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