How to plan activities to allow blog traffic to fly

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Hello, I am glad to driftwood, to share some experience. We all know that a good project to the operation must be good planning, Shi Yuzhu when planning the marketing plan to write naobaijin several convex roots, A5 forum a lot of activity in the early stage, or how the fire (using the integral to the title ah ah, and so on), out of pre made the more successful activities, but the latter is not done, if you do not understand planning activities, the optimization ranking difficult to come, planning itself can also determine the success of the project. Blog is the same, early is not well-known, no rank, traffic where? So we can bring traffic through activities in the early to the blog, then we should do


first: determine purpose. Our blog lack most in the early time is the flow and the quality of the content, the purpose is very clear is that it is both, then we plan a submission activities (to others), so that we can double harvest the content flow.

second: determining rules. We need to identify two rules: 1. Contribute to cast SEO knowledge base article (a lot), can be an article of a knowledge, the quality of their checks, but there must be some cases; and the investment and the thinking of SEO (small), this article can contribute to the A5 forum, has successfully issued the quasi. 2, how to play the problem. Activities must be simple, complex and no one to play with you. Simple also have requirements, such as the top floor (there are a lot of attic rules online). Make sure the rules are clear when you are in the campaign. The first to send what, what to send second, the third…… As long as I sent (send video).

third: ready for benefits and benefits. Do activities must be to benefit, not to benefit, who ah! We can send QQ space ranking technology with template dedecms video, send send domain name, space and so on, personally send telephone fee is not very good, we are SEOER, I don’t feel about these prizes by attraction. When get the prize how collar? Don’t say to download a blog or forum! Let them add QQ group or WeChat (and as you can, more trouble, loss will be part of this circle of people) living resources, so the next time you can do mass activities. I do not recommend the use of WeChat group, because if the chat Hi, the phone will continue to ring, the phone screen is still small, after all, the user will be tired of the back group, if the chat is less, and less than we want to effect. If there is a need to add a friend, such as the end of the phone can also be a good number ah.

fourth: set the value of the benefits. 1234, clear to send things where the value, the quality is very good, you don’t build your good value, so the user will have a sense of urgency, a sense of crisis and want to get you to the benefits, the only way to attract see friends into the event. Whether they were spectators or really contribute to, as long as we succeed.

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