Ali double eleven attack line under the line to pay the dream

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recently, Beijing EASYHOME Investment Holdings Limited (hereinafter referred to as "EASYHOME"), Meikailong Home Furnishing group Limited by Share Ltd (hereinafter referred to as "Meikailong") and other 19 traditional Home Furnishing stores, signed a boycott of opinions, to prove safety of Tmall this year eleven new ways to break the boundaries of online and offline business line experience store.

is not with double the previous eleven gameplay is the hope that through Alipay Ali quick payment binding line under the guidance by shops, envelopes and other attractive consumer shops, combined with the layout and product line structure, carry out the next line of drainage business transaction, the transaction is based on Alipay as the core of the payment. If Tmall’s two-dimensional code to pay the line to pay the flow into the line, store operations will encounter the core of the crisis: to reduce the payment of funds precipitation, its own system has been diverted. This is a direct threat to the interests of the store.

in short, Tmall’s online and offline linkage, it can be described as the core interests of the operators of the store operators: capital, capital flow and popularity.

Ali attack line, the potential market for

as a business enterprise leader, Ali’s Taobao, Tmall has been around its own system in business transaction, provide the role of the platform for businesses, Alipay has been in the range of trading channels and Ali electricity supplier ecology, Ali platform, especially the traditional offline store business influence. On the one hand, supermarkets have their own capital settlement and business management, have certain requirements of the settlement of merchants; on the other hand is due to long-term electricity supplier has yet to shift the focus to the integration of online and offline, after the current commodity trading line accounted for total retail sales of social consumer goods are small (2012 of the data is accounted for 6~7%), or have the advantage in the traditional retail trading volume and channel.

, however, the next line of retail transactions will be one of the key areas of contention for online electricity supplier. Even if the scale of online electricity supplier transactions accounted for less than half of the total level of social retail goods, accounting for 30~40% in the case of optimism can be achieved, according to the current growth rate of the electronic retail market. The traditional retail accounted for the decline in the market share is the electricity supplier to compete in the market space, and for this part of the market does not necessarily require merchants directly open the Taobao store, Alipay open payment interface, the use of two-dimensional code payment can also be done business information collection and data accumulation, while expanding the Alipay line market, yijuduode.

Ali in what to do with the formation of O2O closed loop

electricity supplier from the O2O Road, but by several methods: 1, O2O in its own system, the integration of the business platform, the cable resources under the merchants to encourage the use of online purchase, linkage line experience. 2, the expansion of external businesses, stores, Commercial Street merchants to the electricity supplier platform to provide core, secure payment services, and to

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